Mcdonalds Monopoly game: easier to win lottery jackpot than $5k

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    So if you are looking to win some money, you are better off playing the lottery than playing at McDonalds. Odds of winning $5k in McDonalds monopoly game is 1 in 578 million. Odds of winning multi-state powerball jackpot. 1 in 175 million.

    What I found interesting though was that to win the million in Mcdonalds game is that the odds are 1 in 306 million. So it seems you have a better chance to win a million in their game than win $5k.
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    It really doesn't matter, McDonalds is food for stupid minorities.
  3. I nearly got raped in jail.

    My family takes monopoly way too serioous.
  4. which one are you.
  5. he's in the rich trader minority. which one are you though? :eek:
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    you have pay to play powerball. MC monopoly-NO PURCHASE NECESSARY
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    I highly doubt MacDonalds gives out any Monopoly Prizes.

    You need to collect 2 or 3 matched pieces. In all likelyhood the winning pieces get thrown away by someone that isn't bothering to check or collect pieces and match them up. It's a scam. They don't give out any prizes. It's really disgusting how cheap MacDonalds is that they run this whole gimmicky Monopoly contest where no one wins. All they would have to do is make it an instant win type of prize like Tim Hortons or something like that.
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    I haven't eaten McDonalds "products" (I hesitate to call it food) for over six years and prior to that I occasionally ate breakfast the during the monopoly game.

    They do give out "food" as prizes and the chances of winning something, even if just a box of artery clogging carbo loaded french fried potatos, are pretty good if you feed there on a regular basis.

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    For a good ten years, I didn't eat anything from mcdonalds. Their food obvious looks gross.

    Then, I was stuck in a tiny little shit-hole town for a night fairly recently; There's nothing open except McDonalds. Fine - hunger calls for desperate solutions. So I got some nuggets and the angus burger - and you know what, it's actually not bad. Nuggets were better than what I remembered, and the burger was better than crap you get an average diner.

    I mean, it's not Per Se, but it's actually not that bad anymore. Surprised the hell out of me.

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    i like their angus burger too. and coffee. maybe once a month. doesn't look gross to me :)
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