McDonalds is hiring.

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  1. Every McDonalds in the US seems to be hiring, so there are jobs for Americans but they are unwilling to take them.

    They even have a website for jobs.

    Maybe this Unemployment is a bit overblown.
  2. actually it is a reason for concern. it means more people are going to low cost restaurants. so more staff are required. if people don't apply for jobs surely the wage will rise and it may end up being a respectable job. although that is unlikely to happen.
  3. It's a respectable job, all right. Just doesn't pay well.

    Rather than upward pressure on wages, likely there would be downward pressure if not for Federal minimum wage.

    Many will reject the McD's job as unemployment benefits are probably about the same as working for minimum wage. When benefits run out, they'll take what they can get.

    What America NEEDS is a way to create LOTS of middle-class wage jobs. And with the competition from Asia + Liberal Government's plan of higher taxes on an ever smaller base, our chances of a healthy recovery are LESS than the proverbial "snowball's chance in Hell".

    The standard of living is going to adjusted down SIGNIFICANTLY for many, many Americans.
  4. Hmmm...competition from Asia? So we agree us has been sending jobs over there do to cheap labor. I assume that's what u mean by compeitition. Howver, since we sent so many jobs, the wages of those workers has gone up. In fact, they say by 2010 wages in thailand will match wages in the US! so that argument is blown away.

    A better statement would have been.

    "Competition from third world countries in south america and africa..."

    One of those countries will be the new "asia" as it pertains to outsourcing
  5. Yeah, Mickie Ds and Walmart are doing fine. - - A terrfic indicator of how wonderful the country is doing. Maybe even a chain of pawn shops will one day make it on the Dow. Happy Days Are Here Again !
  6. $20/hr labor in Thailand? Really? Aren't even the BEST Asian labor rates about $3/hr?

    And it really doesn't matter if it's Asia or not. Without mitigating factors, the low-labor cost produce will command the business, wherever it is.
  7. Ok, regardless your opinion on Asian labor the fact is that most companies who outsource usually say two things. One its the jobs that have huge turnover. Two the jobs they outsource that are high skilled it jobs are the ones that americans don't have degrees in. I.E not enough US enigneers are being produced. They would hire american enineers and programmers but there is too few amerians pursuing those degrees.the main problem is the college degree ratio of americans versus asians. Somehow we need to encourage students to pick high skilled IT jobs which they are not.

    Instead of blaming corporate America, try looking at the fundamentals. And just fyi the new trend is to bringing jobs BACK not sending them out. I recommend you study the topic or you will forever be locked in the closet of ignorance.
  8. Saying mcdonalds is hiring is misleading. Fast food places usually always have their "we are hiring" signs up, not because they need more employees, but because they want the applications on hand because its a high turnover rate job. Mcdonalds likes to have all those applications on hand so when one quits, they have a nice list of people they can call in to replace that guy. They dont want to wait until someone just walks off a job before putting their "we are hiring sign" up or advertising in a paper.
  9. Just wanted to make a quick comment about MCD and breakfast.

    I have 2 MCD nearby and anytime on Sat/Sun from about 8:30-10:30 the drive thoughs are at least 5+ cars and the parking lots are quite full.

    On the other hand, the Wendys which is in between the two MCD (so no location issue) I never ever see anyone in the drive-through - I've gone there my self sometimes just because I know there won't be any wait. I've had the MCD breakfast drive through take 15 minutes to get through!
  10. I wasn't blaming anybody. Just stating economic fact and principle.
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