McDonald's aims to hire 50,000 workers on April 19

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  1. McDonalds said it plans to hire 50,000 new workers on April 19 in an effort launched by both the Oak Brook, Ill., parent company and its franchise restaurants. The one-day event will be held to bring in and hire full and part-time positions in close to 14,000 U.S. restaurants. McDonald's said the addition of 50,000 potential hires could bring $54 million more in payroll taxes.

    I can see the FED funds rate actually moving up because of this - the effect on NON FARM PAYROLLS will be GIGANTIC. :D :D :D :D
  2. 1) Is there a McDonald's at your "location"? :confused:
    2) Payrolls may go up but average wages will decline. :( :eek: :mad:
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    the great American dream...let's all go work for McDeezz.
  4. I give them an A for effort
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    Home depot is hiring about 60,000 people and today's news about Mcdonalds hiring 50k is just even funnier .....I think this economy is really turning around, hahahahahahahah, yea fucking right!!!!

    Fucking minimum wage jobs will not get you far when inflation is running rampant, of course minimum wage would be a beautiful thing if:

    gas was about 87 cents a gallon....

    avg cost of a median house in the US was about, hmmm I dont know 65% cheaper....

    if health-care costs for a single person weren't $400 a month

    if a one bedroom apartment in a major city wasn't $1250+ a month....

    if taxes weren't sky high and a pint of strawberries didn't cost $5.00....

    Lets be real here, they can add all the minimum wage jobs they want, it will do nothing for a long term turn around. Its all a joke at this point. Whats $250 a week going to get you...
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    You mean the great American ET dream. The average mcd employee makes more money then the average ET'er.
  7. I bet it is 50,000 for overseas restaurants opening this year and next.
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    Yes, but they were earning nothing before. Last McDonalds I went into, not a one of them spoke english. Not even the managers. It's basically a welfare program.
  9. All a part of another mass propaganda campaign anyway. Obama announces his re-election is kicking off and on cue the bottom feeders in the employment game announce mass hirings.

    Only problem is that his power base of myopic support already lives better with free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education. Why would they actually want to wake up early and go to a shit job?
  10. The Mexicans do the work, but they have become Public Enemy No. 1 in the blame game for all of societies ills.

    Meanwhile blacks commit the most crime and draw the largest amount of social welfare by a country mile.
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