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    MCD stock is rising more than 2.3% Tuesday after the world's largest fast food chain reported first quarter fiscal 2017 earnings results that beat Wall Street estimates on both the top and bottom lines

    McDonald's appears to have found the formula for its long-term sustainable growth.

    the Oak Brook, IL.-based company posted net income of $1.24 billion, or $1.47 per share (up 18% year over year) on revenue of $5.67 billion, which beat Thomson Reuters consensus estimates that called for $1.33 in EPS and revenue of $5.53 billion. The measures compare to the year-ago quarter when the company earned $1.33 per share on $5.9 billion in revenue.

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    Formula for long term sustainable growth? By reducing revenues?

    Market bought the story. You can look at one or two yr chart. Blast off.

    Or is something else going on. Bubble?
  2. They showed pretty strong earnings, but I think it's too late to hop on this train. The rally is almost over.
  3. Old dog, new tricks. The only thing attractive about this one is the potential for its real estate.
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    True, when talking about eps. Actual total dollar earnings fell, though.

    Must have had buybacks or something.

    Not sure this is a growth story justifying a blast off on charts.
  5. anyhow, the stock is at all time high.
  6. SunTrust Banks Raises McDonald's Co. Q4 2017 Earnings Estimates to $1.66 Per Share (Previously $1.62).
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    McDonald's new value menu sets up fast-food fight for 2018
    Heads' up, burger barons: McDonald's has a low-priced approach that's going to put more pressure on the U.S. fast-food industry next year. The Golden Arches confirmed a U.S. value menu that will include items priced at $1, $2, and $3 in 2018. The move comes years after McDonald's backed away from its Dollar Menu and suggests the heat is on for other chains, particularly direct competitors in the burger category including Burger King and Wendy's.(Ad Age)
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