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  1. Looks like McDonald’s is stepping in to the bakery game. Fresh Bakery Tastes menu items include:

    Multi-Grain Berry and Blueberry Muffin
    Cheese Danish
    Corn Muffins
    Butter Croissants
    Mini Vanilla Scones

    Although this is not new's getting traction.

    MCD is blowing away.. Wendy's, starbux, DD......

    Obviously they're not going to put these places out of business, that's not the point...the point is to cash in on the best sellers,
  2. 1) I may be intrigued enough to try each of those items. :)
    2) If would be scary if they were to serve decent hot dogs and/or pizza. :eek:
  3. I keep e mailing corporate with suggeestions for Chinese food.

    McGeneral Tso's chicken

    McMoo goo gai pan.

    (sigh...).nobody cares..... :D
  4. They could act on that by buying out Panda Express. :p