MCD is in big trouble. May not exist in 5 years

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Apr 15, 2015.

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    What's the occasion? 50th wedding anniversary?
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  2. jys78


    LOL. Remember the early 2000's when everyone was going to start eating healthy and MCD was <$15 per share? Similar issues were raised at that time, $200 ago...
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  3. OP said MCD would be out of business in 3 months. Market cap is $158B. So he made a $158B miss. The level of delusion to make such mistakes is Chernobyl level in nature. Since the OP stopped posting here, I can only assumed his habit of trying to bail out of losing option trades by adding heavily to his positions crashed at some point causing a severe rethink in his approach.
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  4. Overnight


    OP still has 3 months left to make good on his prediction that MCD may be gone 5 years after his post.

    Now, I'm not a betting man, but....Umm.
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  5. Cabin111


    From my other thread about after hours trading...

    For those who were following my attempted buy of MCD. The next day with my asking price at $197.99, I picked it up for $197.58, the opening price. I didn't look on Fidelity till about 10am Pacific time. I then optioned a covered call for the Jan 21 $210. $7.65...I received $764.29 after 71 cents in fees. Also a 2.5% dividend isn't bad while I wait.

    My thoughts on MCD is if we go into a recession, many people will cut down on their meal and drink purchases. They may forgo Starbucks for $1.00 coffee at McDonalds...Since they are there, they'll pick up a meal also. Other fast food chains may go under.

    Also, MCD has the power to buy back some of their stock. With labor costs rising, I feel they have the clout to automate quickly on some of their manual labor processes (burger making). Hold and wait...

    My 100 shares has increased 6.17% $1,219. since 12/30/19...
    Yeah, it could go down...But for now, I am glad I made the move.
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    You didn't read the fine print. All during the time @hajimow said MCD was going out of business, @hajimow was writing puts on MCD. They were bullish bets.
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    So you are saying he was trying to pull one of those Yahoo Finance message board moves? Getting people to react opposite of what he was saying? Very sneaky.
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  8. He often piled in to his near month options bets and one of them almost crashed spectacularly only to be mostly saved the Friday of expiration. He acted like nothing happened at all it was all managed risk. It was then I knew he had no clue what he was doing and he was merely throwing a mound of cash at his problem trades which may work until it doesn't.
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  9. It's hard to know exactly what he was doing other then making bad calls on several stocks long term direction, taking on massive near month option positions often against such calls, and exhibiting no real grasp of risk management while doing so. You could get rich with that approach or lose all your money.
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    Mreh. Mcd was founded in like what, 1941 or something? They have not disappeared and have been through a lot. Well, might as well get this over with...You know what is coming...


    This God-awful commercial is why McD will never disappear. Buy MCD and BYND, sell TSLA. lol!

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