MCD is a possible short at this level

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    Trading at 94.88. The Q results were OK. Has been up recently and is overbought.
    Sell at 94.88 and buy it at 92.50. Stop loss at 95.55
  2. note


    i am a newbie in trading, what is your reasoning behind to short is that it is overbought or do you have other reasons too.
    i feels this is not going to go down :) has some life left in it. but please i am just learning so ...
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    Please don't do any trade based on my posts. We are here to share our ideas not to make each other lose money.
    I am negative on the restaurant sector in general. The results were not good and many chain stores had warnings in December. MCD is a DOW component and will not go to the roof or be bankraupt. It will follow the market trend in general.
    1-I believe market is overbought.
    2- MCD is in a weak sector (just my belief)
    3- Q result was not that great and we see a kind of relief rally after earning but not a strong rally.
    Be careful on shorting because you might be short on ex dividend date and need to pay dividend but I don't mind that because the shares will drop too.
    Check out the chart and see what you see.
    Once again I might be wrong but that is my belief and trading idea.
  4. metameta



    i thought you were short from $90 but let me guess you sold 1000x puts short too so you made $50,000 on the short MCD?

    at least pick a pos stock to short haj why MCD. foods not healthy but really hating on MCD?

    haj haj haj

    after your explanation on the short YHOO at $16 and how you made $100k in a month on it by shorting puts, buying ditm calls, etc.. i don't know man....

  5. hajimow


    $100K in a month? I never said that. I said I made $100K by trading YHOO for over a year (15 months) and not a month.
  6. hajimow


    I also like the general accepted fact that you will make 0.5% to 1% a day in the stock market and it will never go down.
  7. metameta


    you said short YHOO at $16ish and you stated you had shorted over $800k of it. It went to $18ish and you said but i was short a bunch of puts too so you made money on it.

    that was a little odd because you left out an important component that essentially made it significantly more balanced.

    but it looks like you are a delta-neutral super ninja trader and i appreciate the fact that you showed your trades with IB screenshots.

    good luck on MCD
  8. hajimow


    By the way I am not shorting MCD because the food is not healthy. I believe lower consumer buying power and higher cost of ingredients (lower margin) will make restaurants less profitable.
  9. metameta


    ok that logic seems to work on PG too but its taking off like a rocket.

    higher input costs, weak consumer situation, and they have premium priced stuff.


    rocketman PG goes above $75

    crazy this market is
  10. hajimow


    AMZN reported today. Revenue was down 45% but the stock is up. When you see AMZN's revenue is down, it means that consumers are spending less and the same is true for MCD and both are facing the same challenge. AMZN is not a bad company. MCD is also facing higher cost of food that cannot easily transfer it to its customers. I am looking a little bit long term (a month). and you should see its effect on the stock.

    Something tells me AMZN should be down tomorrow. I am predicting against what is happening now and I know that.
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