MCD Happymeal lawsuit?

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  1. I am confused, Kids cannot drive to mcdonalds and buy a happymeal. The parent has to drive to MCD and pay for a happymeal with money they earned and then give it to the kid.

    So why is this lawsuit even happening?
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  3. So why is this lawsuit even happening?

    Leading scientists have discovered that toys make kids fat.
  4. The poor children are being lured into McDonalds by the GREAT toys that come in the happy meals! McDonalds is clearly in the wrong here. How dare they attract customers with promotions.

    In all seriousness, though, you are correct. The parents take them to McDonalds, buy their happy meal, and then complain about their kids eating happy meals. Fucked up.
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    Have you eaten at the Clown lately (you know, the King or the Clown), the food sucks! Nothing like the decadent crap I grew up on. The exalted McD french fries are garbage compared to yesteryear (when they dipped it in lard) before they were forced to change how they did things. And yet, these little sh*ts are fatter and more obese today than 20 yrs ago on food that was changed to conform with the more healthy diets dictated by various food/health czars (Friedman is a dick!) Hello! The kids are more obese today than 20 years ago when the food was worse for you! The problem lies not so much with the food but with the parents who don't give a shit and eat in these crap places 2-3 times a day!

    Besides, the food should be called (and is in some circles) Crappy Meals, not Happy Meals because you feel like crap after you eat there. They should bring back the "unhealthy" McD's.
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    Kids moved more 20 years ago.
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    .....yeah I have and it tasted funny.
  8. Maybe they should walk to McDonalds instead of drive-thru then?
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    That would help. But mostly they're doing what we're doing, sitting in front of a computer.
  10. But I am doing something positive - I am providing liquidity (or so the argument goes).

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