McChrystal has offered resignation....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by quantsteve, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. The far right is truly filled with morons.
    An active(non retired) general is not allowed to talk back to the president. It is an absolute rule without any exceptions. To do otherwise is to invite a military coup.

    Since the far right idiots want Obama to fail at any cost, they are siding with a general who is clearly out of line just to stick it to Obama

    For comparison, if a Congressman(whose job is to check&balance executive branch) during W administration had a different opinion on anything, he/she was "undermining the troops in the field"

    This is not a hard concept, Generals don't talk back to civilian leadership.
  2. Once again, where does the "Far Right" come into this again? Are you referring to a news article? Or are you just spewing random nonsense?
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    I am no military historian - but isn't there a tradition of generals indicating their orders are from morons right before they resign?

    I am not sayings the general's opinions are correct.
  4. The op called the president Barry and used the word "incompetence" this is overwhelmingly a trait of the right.