McCain's VP Pick

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  1. lol :p
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  2. How uninspired does the Biden pick look? I am watching her speak right now, and I have to say it's the first time in a LONG time I actually feel like listening to a politician. She's a home run IMO. There's a naturalness there absolutely non-existent with Hillary.
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  3. cuz69


    But the US is gonna vote for an African American with no experience!!
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  4. eagle


    "Houston, we've had a problem." :D

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  5. Cesko


    Because he is gonna CHANGE things.
    :D :D
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  6. gnome


    I don't get it either. However, Americans ARE suckers for a good BS'n...
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  7. cuz69


    Glad you brought that up............look at the mess Clinton left us with.3 chances to get Bin laden(9/11) would have never happened!
    And left Bush to inherit a financial mess.......if you recall the bubble burst in March of 2000.......Bush was inaugurated in Jan of 2000.....i sincerely doubt he ruined the surplus which Clinton proclaims we had, in 2 months..think about it.

    So that shows what lack of experience as a Prez can do............remember she is going to be VP.....not Prez.
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  8. I spent some time with Joe Biden in Delaware when he was chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. I will never forget, it was right after Sept 11. He had just come from the meeting where they decided to go after Osama.

    He got me so fired up I almost switched parties. He's a good ol boy. I think thats what we need for a change.

    It was funny when the NM Gov said "Who's gonna miss Dick Cheney":D
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  9. cuz69


    Well said Spyder!
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  10. Nanook


    You foreigners in the lower 49 "just don't get it"! (and won't):


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