McCain's VP Pick

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  1. gnome


    Unless of course, you've got both a brain and a "pair".. in that case you'll vote for neither.
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  2. Simply, Brilliant!!

    On a Friday in August (and not just any Friday, but Labor Day Weekend Friday), and one day after the coronation of Obama, What does ET (and the rest of the world) find most important? The ES 12 point downtrend? Obama's historic speech? Obama's plans for correcting that which ails this country?

    Nope. Nope. and Nope.

    Nearly everyone has decided to convince each other how stupid McCain's choice for VP was.


    She actually has more executive branch experience than Obama. ROFLMAO, yet half of you want to talk about her lack of experience?

    In one fell swoop, Mac's decision energized the party, provided an opportunity for the disenfranchised Hillary supporters, and tossed Obama right out of the 'news' cycle.

    This will go down as one of the most brilliant political moves in the history of the country. Whether or not it proves beneficial to the country is another matter entirely.

    Open your eyes people - you have history in the making.

    - Spydertrader
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  3. I bet she is wild in bed...those girls in Alaska are so horny.....i think so...well maybe....mmm..not sure...anyway... I DO HER!!
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  4. Put down the beer goggles.

    Her voice is as grating as her face.
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  5. toc


    Obama did not pick Hillary, so this sure will get lots of Hillary's woman democrats into the McCain camp. Good move in that sense. But it does not show a sincere move for the US only a good move to get elected. :D
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  6. God, does she make McCain look OLD.
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  7. gnome


    That is ALL that has mattered for the last 50 years.
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  8. Can u imagine if Bill Clinton would have picker her......
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  9. cuz69


    Awesome speach !!
    They are's a lock!
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  10. gnome


    Yeah... even if not, he could have created a special job for her... White House Liason?
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