McCain's VP Pick

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cuz69, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. cuz69


    Do a google search.........just Sarah Palin and than scroll down to bottom of page you will see a link to Vogue.....if I knew how to paste it into ET I would.........sorry
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  2. greddy


    I was hoping for Mitt Romney. This selection is
    very bizarre.

    McCain will either look like a genius or a complete fool
    if he loses.
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  4. cuz69


    Sorry mistake.........oops
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  5. Don't nominate Romney, he actually stands a chance at beggining to turn the US fiscal/budget crisis around.
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  6. Balancing the looks IS important. Is it me, or does McCain really look a like like Mike Myers in Goldmember?


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  7. He's toast!
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  9. gnome



    Another example of how a politician will do "ANYTHING... NO MATTER HOW STUPID"... when it comes to votes.

    America has never elected a ticket with a woman as VP... highly unlikely it will do so now. (Not that Obama/Biden is any bargain... but we're still not voting for a woman.)
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  10. clacy


    She's not any less qualified or inexperienced than Obama, and she will at least have 4 years of grooming before having her hand on the trigger.

    Good choice, in my opinion. She is a fiscal conservative, which is something that most Republicans aren't
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