McCains new campaign advisor. "Joe the Plumber"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. When will the walking cadaver actually begin to act mature. This fucking fool is an embarrassment to americans.

    This demented half-wit is mentally unstable. How the fuck did this walking cadaver end up as a presidential nominee?

    Allowing this half wit up there goes to show the utter disrespect the republicon party has for america.

    Palin is another embarrasment. A illiterate imbecile high on ambition and cronyism, low on intelligence and ability.

    The people he attracts are an embarrassment to americans.

    This cadavers entire campaign is a fucking embarrassment to americans.

    McCain's plumber problem was solved when Wurzelbacher surfaced in time for his second event yesterday. He said McCain aides forgot to call him for the kickoff rally.

    "All right, guys, I didn't prepare anything," Wurzelbacher told a crowd in Sandusky. "The only thing I've been saying is just get out and get informed."

    "Get involved in the government," added Wurzelbacher, who now has his own agent and is looking for a Nashville contract. "That way we can hold our politicians accountable and take back our government," he said.

    Looks like the imbecile picked the wrong VP candidate. "Joe" is dumb as a rock, but he would have attracted more independent voters.
  2. I disagree in that I think McCain is deep down a decent guy who loves his country.

    However, he is not fit to be its leader. At the end of September, I was split over voting for either candidate.

    Then along came Palin and shortly after, she was exposed as basically a idiot fraud.

    She talks conservative but acts as the biggest redistributor of all by taxing oil companies who are now gunshy about any big new investments in Ak so she can cut her family a 24K more or less check.

    And on top of that she flies the family around on state tab against state law.