McCain's intrade numbers advance, he will win

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  1. If this call is as good as your stock calls...Obama's a lock:D offense of course:p
  2. And, of course, you've noticed Intrade's Realtime Electoral Vote Predictor...
  3. You are Right, McCain is kicking ass; just look at the latest chart from INTRADE:


  4. Yes, but stock_trad3r is a contrarian. He's picking a bottom -- his own.
  5. Wonder while he is doing that if he'll find national disgrace Palin as rumor has it she is on the outs with the BUSH handlers McCain forced on her. Apparently, they are trying to set her up as the fall guy, er fall gal, to take the blame for McNuts losing.

  6. Meanwhile, the misguided missy is trying to position herself for 2012. Reality TV entertainment at its finest.
  7. McCain intrade is now at 16 and Obama @ 84. In just 24 hours McCain's numbers have advanced 4 points, while Obama's have fallen 4 points.

    There is buzz that the tide is turning regarding the polls and swing states, and the markets huge rally yesterday doesn't help the Obama campaign either. The McCain campaign's 'spread the wealth around' meme is resonating well with voters.

    Hannity says Obama will lose. People still remember William Aires and Reverend Wright
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    Well, stocktrader's logic has always been that if you like him at $36 you certainly love him at $12.

    My own opinion is that the polling process is deeply flawed, and I expect that Obama wins by a much wider margin than we are expecting. The flaw is that they look at "Likely voters", which they determine by asking have you voted before. In Obama's case he seems to have energized a number of people and large groups of people who in the past have not taken part in the voting process, but are very excited about doing so this time. For this reason alone I think the polling numbers are off by a large amount and Obama will not only win, but he will win big.

    PS, stock trader it's still not too late to make that bet with me.
  9. I decline. Now what.
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