McCain's homeowner plan good for his campaign and the economy

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  1. This recent move by mccain to set aside $300 billion to buyup mortages is billiant and is another example of his taking the initiative, while Obama continues to play the race card, dart debate questions, and call people bitter.

    Obama rejected McCain's plan, while obviously not proposing a better plan of his own. Thats typical of Obama; dismiss solutions while offering nothing.

    McCain's support of drilling helped him surpass Obama in the polls last summer because the vast majority of Americans, hard working Americans, support drilling. It doesn't matter that it won;t have a short term impact on the price of oil or gas. What matters is that McCain was atleast addressing the energy problem though his town hall meetings, while Obama was just saying no to everything.

    Expect McCain to see a surge in the polls.

    Big bailouts are good the economy because they help drive the dollar lower and the dificit higher, which benefits multinationals and exporters. Bailing out homeowners also allows homeowners to use their home as equity so they can consume more, while having somewhere to live. Everyone wins. The economy grows and people get to keep their homes.
  2. Yeah right.All this shows is how mentally unstable Mccain is.He even lost some Republican votes with that move
  3. In the IOWA Futures market, McCain has "surged" from 0.228 before the debate to 0.185.

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    $300B? That's all? What a piker. We should be buying everybody's homes for them! Woot! Free money!

    Let's push this train over a cliff and into a big pile of mixed metaphors!

    $#@%! Even have republicans talking about nationalizing the banks. Good grief. People have lost their damn minds.
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    McCain seems to think that since he gave them Palin he can just give the bird to real conservatives and republicans. He is showing himself to be not a Maverick, but someone of very little principle. He has lot a ton of republicans. I agree that this economic situation "could" have been a huge opportunity for McCain. In fact, if he'd had the courage to do what he has done in the past, stand up to waste and special interests, if he had STOOD UP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and opposed this bailout, which is NOT WORKING, he would have surged in the polls and he would have walked into the White House. Instead he paniced and showed that when it comes right down to it he is not a leader, and American's have seen through it and now you have a better chance of being president Stockie then does John McCain.
  6. But McCain is offering solutions, just like he did with drilling and that is what voters want. Sure it may irritate some conservatives but it will help win over some democrats and undecideds. Stuggling homeowners in the the midwest and central states would support this bailout.
  7. Mccain is not offering solutions.He is desperately throwing out any and every idea and hopes something sticks instead of a well thought out plan.People can see through his bull shit and it just makes him looks crazier and more erratic then he already looked
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    No, they actually dont. You realize that 90% + of people DID NOT LIE to get a mortgage and so are not facing a bank repo. They are also happy where they are, so the fact that the price might have come down a little bit is not effecting them. The vast majority of people are PISSED OFF that a bunch of liars and thieves, both on Wall Street and Main Street, are getting away with it and they are being FORCED to foot the bill, even after having made it VERY CLEAR they did not want too. John McCain is part of the problem, he might offer solutions, but they are terrible ones. He's not going to win, which sadly means that Obama will.
  9. Basically, McCain forfeited his reputation earned over 26 years as a fiscal conservative. If he had led the opposition to the bailout, he would at least have been a hero and retained his principles. He would have stood tall as a leader, unlike Obama. He could have underscored how he had warned about exactly this happening and contrasted himself and the republican party with the democrats of Dodd and Barney Frank. Instead he made a grandstand play, then meekly went along with Paulson.

    Now he comes up with this absurd plan to reward the very people who caused the crisis.
  10. McCain is acting more like a Democrat each day and Palin with her redistribution of wealth in AK via the windfall tax on oil production has already established her Democratic cred; so what is left is to decide which set of Democratic candidates to vote for.

    Currently, Obama and Biden have a big lead.

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