McCain's Great Grandfather Owned 52 Slaves

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    You could have stopped right there.

    So what do you want to do? Arrest his long dead grandfather and charge him with a "crime" that wasn't even against the law at the time.

    I propose that this thread receive ET's daily "Dumbest thread of the day" award.
  2. Totally agree

    Most caucasians who have been here since the 1700s have ancestors that owned slaves.

    And what has that to do with McCain? Is character genetic based now?

    Is Marty McFly and the Doc going to go back in the DeLorean and change history?
  3. What about the Hussein Osama postings about Barack Obama?

    Are you so obtuse that you failed to understand the point?

    Surely, you're not.

    Instead of talking about real issues, people keep slandering both McCain and Obama, or alternatively, bringing up issues having nothing to do with who they are or what they've stated...

    ....almost as if I had really intended to state anything about McCain at all because of the actions of his Great Grandfather (during a different time and era, at that).
  4. i think mccain should have to pay reparations to the black people.

    Dont forget, when mccain was a young man, he was advisor to James Madison
  5. The MOST important thing is under the original constitution Mccain isnt qualified to be a PRESIDENT of the USA since he is foreign born,,not panama florida but panama a foreign nation. The supreme court needs to weigh in on this.
    I like Mccains policy on health care,,,tax the free lunch the people have been getting for yrs, I pay 4k pr yr n my employer pays 12k pr yr,,for a 16k in insurance benefit. Its good to be a republican.
  6. How ironic is that? The descendant of slave masters against the guy who will push for reparations for slavery?
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    If they try to make reparations there will tax protests to the point they may never have an income tax again.

    I hope obama gets elected an he tries. It will be fun.
  8. People should vote for the guy who was born in the USA, not some foreign born weasel.

    (I love Republican jingoism when it's turned against them.)
  9. This is terrible.

    We should simply let Obama be Prez because he is black.

    Wait a minute, his father was Kenyan. Was his father's descendants slaves?

    Oh what does it matter!! He's black, blacks were slaves long ago, let's Do the Right Thing and let him cure the planet.

    But why do I get the feeling that his Cabinet sessions are going to bear an eerie resemblance to a Yo! MTV Raps! episode?
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