McCain's flaws

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  1. I have two bibles. The 48 Laws of Power, and the 33 Strategies of War.

    I see McCain is one of the Laws. Know who you are dealing with.

    McCain has a famous temper. These men are notoriously easy to decieve. When you learn their buttons, you control them like a marionette.

    McCain will be eager to prove himself to Rush, and Sean and the rest of the conservative base.

    He will make mistakes. He will make the war in Iraq worse, if that is possible.

    He will not have the stones to crush Iraq, nor will he know when to say, enough. Many soldiers will die on his watch.

    I am hearing that he is thinking about Condi, who is a notorious hawk.

    What is a man like McCain to do?
  2. Gord


    Wow! You have two bibles. I guess that makes you a prophet...
  3. Mac said a few days ago that he is considering 20 different candidates. No one has any clue who he is going to pick. Its all theory and conjecture, so you could throw any name out there.
  4. Yeah, Rush and McCain. Two best buddies. I'm sure McCain will have a special phone to get his daily instructions from Rush.
  5. I listen to Rush daily. Have been since 1992. Rush is beating the hell out of McCain. He even admits that he is showing restraint.

    Sean Hannity has also stated pubicly that McCain is not his first choice for pres. Now, if you think the conservatives of the pub party control it, perhaps you should listen to the animated protests of these two.

    edit: the reason I said McCain will be eager to prove himself to Rush is that Rush is the spokesman of the conservative wing of the pubs. Everyone knows that. It is not a secret that the conservative pubs wanted Romney.

    McCain may even pick Romney to try keep the conservatives from staying home.
  6. Yes he may. Would be interesting considering how much he hates the guy. This has happened before though.

    Mac will pick someone younger and further to the right than himself. Romney fits both categories. Romney's financial skills would help also, but the guy definitely has some minuses. Flip flopping perception, and the religion thing.