McCains chances?

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  1. Even if McCain wins all the states that are leaning his way and ALL the swing states (CO, FL, OH, MO, NEVADA, NC) and Obama just wins the states that are leaning his way, Obama still wins. Things aren't looking good for McCain.

    Haha. Good.
  2. He's toast. the only question is whether it's going to be a victory or a tsunami.

    Here is my prediction, out of desperation McCain will do something stupid next week, it'll backfire because most Americans are far people, much fairer than the political hacks on this forum. and Obama's lead will propel him even futher.
  3. Here's my prediction: the congressional Republicans had 40 years in the wilderness previously, and have lined up for another 40 years.

    The Republican party will have problems for a generation -- not just because they've utterly lost the youth vote, but also they've alienated minorities, women, gays, -- pretty much anyone who isn't a white male. Then, to compound it, they lost the fiscal conservatives.
  4. Yes, it would appear that they don't have a prayer, which is kind of ironic given their evangelical base.
  5. It is, isn't it? I guess their party cheer of "Hail Satan" hasn't worked either.
  6. Fuck John McCain and all his voters.
  7. Lucrum


    Translation: Fuck the USA!

    After Barrack Hussein Obama gets in the White House, you'll get your wish.
  8. Maybe you havent noticed. The "fucking" of the USA that you so fear is already happening. Wake up.
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    Yes it is.

    Wake up yourself, the Obamanation will only make it worse.
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