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  1. this cracker voted against the making of the mlk holiday.
  2. he voted against it before voting for it.

    Or was that Kerry?
  3. I voted against MLK day, President's Day, Valentine's day, Vernal Equinox day, April Fool's day, Earth day, Administrative Professionals day, United Nations day, Halloween, and the First Quarter of the Full Moon.
  4. fnc barely covered the anniversary of mlk's death.
    what a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. McCain voted against it, supported his governor's decision to rescind it. Then 20 years later he's saying that he opposed his governor and his party on this "issue."

    Not only he is a flip-flopper (which is probably fine to most people on this because people's minds do change over the years), he's a liar too.

  6. he misspoke.
  7. reagan the senile president was forced into signing the law.
    he also was against boycotting south africa's practice of apartheid.
  8. Is that how we make words sound more magnificent (more syllables)?

    drink: cocktail
    suite: tuxedo
    room: quarters
    view: perspective
    lie: misspeak