MCCAIN working against the president trying to drag us into war with iran.

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  1. is that treasonous? if mccain had been elected we would already be in another war.

    So Netanyahu gets McCain - the president's last electoral opponent - to make the following public statement:

    "There should be no daylight between America and Israel in our assessment of the [Iranian] threat. Unfortunately there clearly is some."

    And the "unfortunately" is clearly, in McCain's view, Obama's fault.

    What to make of all this? I'd say, as I did earlier today, it's a further escalation of Netanyahu's attempt to use US domestic politics to back a war on Iran. First we get McCain et al on Israeli soil backing the Israeli prime minister against the US president and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Then we get the report that Israel is preparing to strike alone. Now we hear via Haaretz that Netanyahu is demanding that Obama threaten a US military strike if Iran does not back down on its secluded nuclear research, rather than repeat the "all options are on the table" diplo-speak. Could this confusing set of signals have something to do with this:

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    A career politician running his mouth and playing, dare I say it, politics.

    IF that's treasonous all 535 members of congress should be lynched - TODAY.
  3. Congress certainly don't want McCain as their mouthpiece.
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    And liberals don't want you for theirs.
  5. Believe it or not FT all this stuff comes from some crazy theory about the endtimes, eagles and bears, how Israel will be abandoned...which portends the rise of the AntiChrist, etc.,etc.

    It is all very very sad. I was superstitious once, just as you were, and when you do finally wake up, it then becomes sadly amazing how superstitious the world really is.
  6. i believe it. israel is considered by christians to be the landing zone for jesus when he returns to earth.

    Millions of Evangelical Christians Want to Start WWIII to Speed the "Second Coming" ... and Atheist Neocons are Using Religion
    Submitted by George Washington on 02/17/2012 22:07 -0500

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    The Founding Fathers weren't particularly anti-Islam.

    But millions of Americans believe that Christ will not come again until Israel wipes out its competitors and there is widespread war in the Middle East. Some of these folks want to start a huge fire of war and death and destruction, so that Jesus comes quickly.

    According to French President Chirac, Bush told him that the Iraq war was needed to bring on the apocalypse:

    In Genesis and Ezekiel Gog and Magog are forces of the Apocalypse who are prophesied to come out of the north and destroy Israel unless stopped. The Book of Revelation took up the Old Testament prophesy:

    “And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.”

    Bush believed the time had now come for that battle, telling Chirac:

    “This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”…

    There can be little doubt now that President Bush’s reason for launching the war in Iraq was, for him, fundamentally religious. He was driven by his belief that the attack on Saddam’s Iraq was the fulfilment of a Biblical prophesy in which he had been chosen to serve as the instrument of the Lord.
  7. "2- Thomas Jefferson studied the Qur’an
    If there is a figure more quintessentially American than Benjamin Franklin or even George Washington, it would have to be Thomas Jefferson. In 1765, Jefferson was studying for his bar exam to qualify as a lawyer. In order to acquaint himself with what various traditions had to offer about law, he purchased for his own private use the most recent and accurate translation of the Qur’an available, a work by George Sale called The Koran: Commonly Called the Alcoran of Mohammed, which had been translated from the original Arabic in 1734. Jefferson’s personal copy of the Qur’an eventually became part of the holdings of the Library of Congress, and recently gained a great deal of attention when it was used in the swearing-in ceremony of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim American elected to the United States Congress.
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    I wonder if Jefferson loaned that book to any of his African slaves.

  9. He disrespects the commander in chief, and the president of the mighty USA and the great american people, by(/for the purpose of) licking the stinky asses of a handful of zionists who live in the middle east and who are in town.

    The President was right when he said that he was losing some ball bearings.
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    Hey it just so happens we have a nurse right here on ET qualified to scratch that itch, so to speak.
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