McCain Won

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  1. A trip to the home for the senile.
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  3. McCain won alright. By a wide margin. He's smart AND experienced.
  4. Any idea why the first polls of independent voters say that McCain lost? Biased press? Sun in your eyes? Unfair podium heights? Glove didn't fit right?
  5. Most informed viewers (left and right) and pundits thought that McCain won the debate.

    Anyone who are still undecided today are quite uninformed. They know McCain but don't like him. They don't know Obama. They must have been surprised by how much they agree with Obama. They didn't expect this. Thus the lopsided poll result in favor of Obama.

    In a way, it was lower expectation for Obama, not in terms of who is a better debater, but in terms of a surprise that a black man can talk like a white man.
  6. Because the people of the uSA are stupid. Only 20% can find Iraq on a map.

    I believe we should test people first then allow them to vote.

    If you can't name the three branches of government you cant become a citizen why should you be allow to vote.
  7. "Thirty-nine percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Barack Obama was the winner. Twenty-four percent thought John McCain won. Thirty-seven percent saw it as a draw."
  8. I agree, actually. This year that probably wouldn't work out for the Republicans.

    Here's their VP candidate:
  9. McCain won.

    Obama was was back-peddling and on the defensive the entire debate.

    I purposely did NOT watch but LISTENED ONLY to avoid corruption from non-verbal cuing. McCain's long life and senate experience and professionalism came through and Obama's respones seemed superficial and 'academic'. (Like a professor teaching a class about business but never having owned and operated one himself.)

    I came away (from this debate) saying to myself McCain was confident, knowledgeable (about how to handle himself and the US in the World arena) and thoughtful. Like a man who knows how to 'get things done" and handle himself in foreign affairs.

    PS WTF is up with Obama calling him "John" all night. Disrespectful. :(
  10. That's the key. The visual was really bad for McCain. He did not look at Obama even once. He did not look at the camera either. He was hunched over the podium all the time which didn't look good. He made faces sometimes when Obama was talking. That gave very bad impression too.

    I ignored all these when watching, and thought that McCain did better. But for others these visuals could well turn them off.
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