McCain won in two categories according to the CNN debate poll

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  1. McCain won in two categories. Eighty percent of debate watchers polled said McCain spent more time attacking his opponent, with seven percent saying Obama was more on the attack. Fifty-four percent said McCain seemed more like a typical politician during the debate, with 35 percent saying Obama acted more like a typical politician.
  2. jb, would those be considered wins, esp. the second set of numbers?
  3. I listened to most of the debate on the radio while driving. I'm voting for Obama so I am biased. But I know I'm biased so I put an effort to have an open mind. In this case I was surprised at how McCain game across without seeing him speaking. He sounded much younger than he is and in this debate he came across better than he did in the previous debate. The William Ayers attack came back and bit him in the butt though. He should of known what Obama's answer was going to be, I was expecting some facts from McCain to further tie Ayers to Obama, they never came. If he didn't have further facts to back up his attack he should of just passed on the Ayers remark from Obama and moved on. Again he attacked on the Acorn association and again Obama clearly answered the accusations, but again McCain didn't have any further facts or accusations. McCain's performance did more to clear Obama than it hurt Obama. That was bad strategy for McCain. All he did with the attacks was satisfy his base, which he didn't need to do, the base is already voting for him. Over all McCain did good with Obama doing better on most of the issues. It's too late to help McCain and I wouldn't want to any way, but someone close to him should tell him he comes across as an ass every time he tries to be sarcastic. Some people can pull it off but not McCain, just when I get to like the guy he has a smart ass reply and comes off as a jerk. I can't remember but I think that was what turned me off on him when he was running against Bush. Verdict: Obama clear winner and helped with his Kennedy like closing speech. McCain defiantly did a much better job and may have won some undecided voters but overall too little too late.
  4. I think that was his point
  5. I was quoting CNN. :)
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  7. I agree he DID win in two categories:

    Age - he is too old!!

    Ignorance - he is rude to continually interrupt his opponent who never ONCE interrupted him!