McCain wins Florida

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  1. If McCain is the republican candidate as a conservative I won't vote for him. Any others feel the same?
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    you bet i feel the same

    mccain gave his base the finger last summer with a devestating mccain/kennedy bill

    last summer, i promised his office i'd never vote for him, and i'm keeping that promise

    even if he's running against hillary or obama

    i'm tired of being told who i have to vote against (hillary). that line is always an excuse for a stab in the back
  3. Hey, Johnny Mac. is the most loved POW the civil war ever knew. How could you not vote for him?
  4. There has to be a penalty for treachery, backstabbing and insults, if only to deter others. Why support a candidate who not only doesn't support the party's values but goes out of his way to undermine them? Plus, he has shown himself to be a serial liar.

    We survived one Clinton being president, we can survive another. Plus, it will be entertaining to see her get revenge on the Kennedys.
  5. but mccain is a financial guru... he's the man to fix the ailing economy. [/sarcasm]
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    Sweet! World War III here we come!

    Time for plan B...
  7. Living in AZ, I have never voted for McCain. Knowing that the Dems will not beat him, I am free to vote libertarian or some other third party.

    Assuming McCain gets the nomination, I will do the same this November. While I dislike McCain, I would still prefer him over Hillary or Obama. But since he is assured victory in AZ, I will vote for somebody else.
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    'Plus, it will be entertaining to see her get revenge on the Kennedys'

    lol, that's a very interesting point

    and the only thought that would get me through the very long and sad day of that b--ch's inaugeration
  9. I can't believe this. You idiots nominated George W. Bush in 2000, when if you had any goddamn sense we could have had President McCain for the last 8 years. Now you've got a chance to mend fences and instead you're all whining about how McCain isn't quite conservative enough for you.

    If you're not smart enough to learn from your mistakes, you're doing us a favor by not voting.

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    Well IMHO a vote for McCain might as well be a vote for a 3rd term for Bush!
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