McCain Wins By A Landslide !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by libertad, Jul 26, 2008.

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    No one will hear about this unfortunately. The media is too enthralled with Obama pandering to the Germans and Britts.
  2. Are you people kidding me?

    What did 8 years of republican presidency get you?

    My god.. some people are just delusional!
  3. We don't want too many people having jobs anyway. It's inflationary. :cool:

  4. What makes you think Obama will make things better?

    In fact, he could make things worse. I have listened to some of his speeches and he never says anything. He absolutely has no substance to what he says. It appears to me that those who support him are doing it only for change.

    With that said, change for change sake is not always good. Change is only celebrated when it makes a difference for the overall good. I for one do not think Obama has the qualifications or experience to make changes for the betterment of our country.
  5. McCain already lost...
  6. Not yet. But this site has him at about a 2 to 1 underdog right now.
  7. LOL, to be an underdog people would actually have to want him to win ... LOL some more. :D

    Looks more like "he's getting his ass spanked, people are tired of the same old old shit, and a new day is about to dawn".

    Bwahahahaha ... so much for the selfish "me" crowd. :eek:
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    You're smoking crack if you think McCain has no shot. BOB is up by 4-6 points in virtually every poll. Not too great if you ask me based on everything the Dems have going for them. He should be up by 10-15 right now if you ask me.

    There are still lots of undecided voters and in my opinion, if you haven't jumped on the Obama bandwagon already, you're probably not going to.
  9. Now what Obamarama needs to do is to list tit for tat versus MCCain's list....just like the list above....

    This is what you call "hammer time"....

    In other words it is time to get to specifics and promises.

    The one that lists the best specifics with the least taxes wins the game....

    It is let's talk about specific promises time.....

    Promises promises......promises...and more promises.....
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