McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’

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  1. Not quite... the guy who put on the show couldn't tell McCain the third question because McCain wasn't even there. Whether he "cheated" or not he violated the rules of the forum, and violated his word.

    Just the kind of guy that we need as president.

    Actually McCain talked about bear DNA testing (he voted for it) and the reference to vote caging was in reference to whether or not Republicans cheat. They do.

    Because he's still ahead. As I previously said, I would vote for a ham sandwich before I'll vote for a Republican. And if you vote Republican, you get what you deserve.
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  4. I'm going to surprise you here and say no, it wasn't ok. I made some earlier comments without understanding that McCain had apparently not even arrived when Obama's questioning began. I didn't see the program so I'm not totally clear on how it was conducted. I'm guessing the interviews were seen live by the audience. McCain could have had people in the audience feeding him the questions via cell phone if he didn't get it over the air.

    No doubt Rick Warren and Obama felt pressure form the TV schedule to get the show going, McCain or no McCain. That put a lot of pressure on Obama to make a decision. He could have said I'm not proceeding until McCain gets here. I can understand why he didn't want to do that, but he certainly had that option. I feel McCain was disrespectful to Rick Warren and Obama to be late for such an important event and put them in an awkward situation.

    So we get some insight into all participants. Obama made a dubious decision under pressure, then whined about it afterward. McCain was disrespectful of an evangelical pastor and his audience. Rick Warren showed himself perhaps not up to hosting such an event. Given the format, he should not have put Obama in the position he did and should have taken the initiative to hold off until McCain arrived.
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    This used to be a huge issue with dems down here in GA. They're motives were so damn transparent.

    The problem has since been taken care of. :D
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  6. Yes, it is a pleasant surprise. Thanks and a pat on the back for you.

    Obama didn't make the decision, Warren did. They didn't see each other before the show. Obama took McCain at his word that he would be there and would be sequestered.

    On the bright side, Obama seems to be quite pissed off that the Republicans (again) screwed him and didn't keep their word, and now he's responding to McCain's attack ads and spending some of the hundreds of millions that he's raised on attack ads in battleground states. And good for him.
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  7. Barack has very few core beliefs. What he does is decide by largest group. Whatever group is the largest, most vocal (at the moment), that's what he believes. From there he crafts in part of the other sides belief in both acceptance and denial. If you ever listen to him closely you'll hear this technique constantly. And it drives us crazy when we talk to him. It's sort of why you won't hear and see any of the real core people (basketball partners, local regulars) who are not campaign oriented in any media stuff.

    His logic is that doing this defeats arguments. I told him that's no statement of where you stand and what you believe. His answer, "I believe that we shouldn't fight. And the way not to fight is to be flexible. The way to win is to join the larger group and then add in a piece or two from the other side to get a consensus." I said, Barack! But how does that reflect what you balieve? He then gave me this giant circle speak and when he finished he still hadn't said how that defines or describes what he believes. To that he said, "What we need to do is sit down one day and explore a few topics so you can understand how I think." I had to remind him that this was the third time we've talked and that I still had no clue. He chuckled.

    I asked a guy that I know who really does know him well why the press hasn't stuck a mike in his face. He's sorta' like me in that he isn't media interested. But when pressed, he said he has no idea. But I do know. The folks are concerned that we might say something that might hurt the campaign. From the democrat side it makes sense. And from the republican side, it too makes sense. They would be seen as racial and devisive so they're affraid to do it. In the meantyime, YOU (and I too) sadly have no clue!! :)
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  8. My understanding having talked to a couple of folks inside is that they, not the press, forced the start. The intention was to get face time and make McCain look bad for being late. The intention was to say later that John clearly didn't feel the need to be on-time for whatever reason. The person who would have written the response thinks like this and I clearly can see them having done that. They would have couched the slap in some statement of understanding of bad traffic or other obligational conflicts. At the same time they'd say he (John) should have made allowances.

    To that, barack would have quipped (as that's his contribution), "Now If John can't be ontime for a debate, well..." (and then he would give a sheepish grin and giggle a bit). The press and public sop that crap up as witty.

    What backfired was that John did well. So barack whined! The more I hear him and the more I talk to the other guys we're starting to understand that this whining is, Barack!!! We think of some of the fouls he calls on the court. We do consider him wimpy and soft. One of the guys calls it, technical educated fouls. You have to be there to understand it. We do know he'd never survive street basketball. :)
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  9. I have seen Barry speak a number of times (albeit in small doses)and still have no idea what the guy stands for.

    He beat hillary because that's what the press wanted and NOBODY challenged him.

    If Barry ever had the spine to go on FOX or be interviewed by somebody that wasn't going to kiss his ass he'd be through.
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  10. But Obama didn't even mention McCain's lateness, so your fiction is obviously incorrect and false.

    Additionally there were no "traffic" issues as McCain didn't even leave the hotel until 8:00pm.
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