McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’

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    This should be read by all voters before they enter the booth.

    Obama gets killed in debates, (Hillary, Mccain) just like you said. He panders and coagulates.
    I believe his style of capitalizing all viewpoints also stems from not having his own core beliefs.

    That is why McCain was able to give direct answers.
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  2. Yes McCain was certainly direct -- Remember the bear DNA study McCain complained about at the faith forum? It turns out that he voted for it.
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  3. "i think DEFEATING EVIL is an important policy objective, and so is removing women's basic rights to decide for themselves cause its hard enough between us guys already... i think war and my war time experience, as a POW from day one, essentially, ahemmm, defines me best... let me tell you a little story... no no, don't worry its not about the olympics, bunch of fags running around in tights, not about children & education, we got wives to handle all that soft stuff, not about the struggle of some Nelson Mandela, its all old hat anyway plus there's little inspirational value there for us pure beef yanks... its much more intristing, its about MEEEEEEEEEEE, u know, when i was in captivity back then when u guys weren't even unborn yet... and no you have no rights to interrupt... {story that would make any tried & tested vet snore}... so anyhow, wow this ain't getting any easier but thanks for your question... "

    if you've felt a tight bond with this speaker, u 2 need counseling... alternatively you may want to reduce our taxes and just shoot yrself... have a nice day
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    Rick Warren on "Hannity & Colmes"
    Hannity & Colmes

    HANNITY: And Frank Luntz will be here in just a few minutes to analyze the candidates' answers. But joining us now -- first is the moderator himself, our good friend, Pastor Rick Warren, author of the mega- ega, mega, mega, mega -- and it came up quite a bit -- bestseller, "Purpose Driven Life," which, by the way, on a personal note is one of my favorite books.

    And Pastor, it's always good to see you. You finally -- you did a terrific job, I thought. You -- we got a lot out of these guys.

    So congratulations to you for a great night.

    Let me first start with the controversy over Obama backers crying foul and the accusation, the undertone that has been out there all day, that, in fact, John McCain had heard the questions beforehand.

    WARREN: Well, Sean, and Alan, it's good to be on the program, but it's a totally bogus issue. It's challenging the integrity of the Secret Service, challenging the integrity of -- my security staff, and challenging the integrity of John McCain of which both Barack and John agreed to the terms right up front.

    There's no way he could have heard the questions. The fact is that John McCain did get there a little late, and the truth is, I actually got to tell Barack Obama about one of the questions in advance that I didn't get to tell John McCain about because he wasn't there.

    I intended to tell both of them about my challenge to ask for a commitment regarding orphans, and because John hadn't arrived when we went on stage, he -- you know, he didn't get to hear that question, so actually, it was Barack who got a question answered in advance, and John McCain did not.
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  5. The terms being that one candidate would be sequestered. We'll never know whether McCain heard the questions in advance because he violated the terms of the forum.

    As for it being impossible for McCain to have heard the questions, I'd like to introduce you to this new invention called "radio."
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    McCain is a busy man. Obama looked like an idiot a lot, he wasn't preaching to the choir that time, so the argument is that McCain cheated. Obama is a race hustling attorney with very little government or speaking experience, that's the best the Dems can offer as leadership for the free world? I'm thinking it's a hedged position, if they lose it proves racism, and they are nothing if not absolute minions to American Black voters, these elections are close nowadays, if the Democrats lost just a tenth of the Black votes to Republicans they would be out of the game....... Obama is likely their best idea of how to keep that ten percent of the Black Vote, hardly a serious candidate to lead the free world......
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  7. Is anyone surprised at republicans cheating. (( ...cough florida))Their SOP has always been an "if you're not cheating you're not trying" means of getting anything they want -- they always operated in America on Americans and in Congress like some black ops unit in a banana republic. I wouldn't doubt Bush had the CIA bug the place for him ...Liddy doesn't have a radio show anymore does he and Ollie no doubt could stand to supliment his income. Really they just wanna be dictators while calling it freedom ...freedom to dictate.
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  8. Do you people realize how idiotic you sound when you start this crap? Even the NY Times concluded that Bush won Florida. Gore tried to turn it into a banana republic election and darn near succeeded.

    If you have any doubt as to which party is addicted to vote fraud, ask yourself why the democrats violently oppose voter registration security measures. They want to allow same day registration, mail voting, no ID requirements, etc basically anything to let them bus in illegal aliens, felons and a bunch of homeless peole they have paid off to vote their way. Obama is very dirty on this. He personally blocked the appointment of a lawyer to be on the FEC because the man had the temerity to support voter ID laws. Of course, the democrat motto in Chicago has always been vote early, vote often, and we all know how the people in cemetaries are known to be soldily democrat on election day.

    The one category of voters democrats go out of their way to block is absentee ballots from servicemen.
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  9. Here's what a five year Justice Department probe found regarding dead people voting:

    In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud

    BUT after this emails leaked out from the Republicans. Ever heard of illegal voter suppression called "vote caging?"

    Republican Party's Vote "Caging" Email that they accidentally sent to the wrong Email address. You can see the email itself, the Excel spreadsheets attached detailing the (illegal) caging lists, and the Republican party bragging about it to each other.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    So, in conclusion, McCain was a-okay to violate the forum rules because someone made an unfounded accusation.
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  10. Arnie


    Well, lets see now.

    McCain wipes the floor with Obamas' ass

    Obaba's team says he cheated.

    The guy that put on the show, says he didn't

    Now, Obama supporters are reduced to talking about bear DNA and "vote caging".

    What was that about a Clinton blowjob?:D

    If McCain did cheat, Obama should be chomping at the bit for another venue like Saddleback to show everyone just how smart he is. But he isn't. Wonder why. :D
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