McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’

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  1. Let me assure you, Barack is no great mind. I have PERSONALLY known him for years. I have chatted with him on deep topics many times. I've played basketball against and with him many times. And I still see him sorta' regularly when he's in Chicago. He is a very good study and a product of diversity training. My ex is a diversity trainer and we would debate the man regularly. The pitfalls and shortcomings of that posture he assumes are many. His heavy multi-cultural logic prevents many sound and solid foundational postures. PERIOD!!

    His core belief is that he must take into account as many different positions as possible whenever a decision is needed. The solution can NEVER be narrow and specific as it will alienate some group that already feels left out. The solution never needs to solve the issue, however its implementation must encompasse and embody teamwork. Progress must be slowed so as to allow the defficent to stabilize. And growth must be limited as to not leave the slow to conform behind.

    There are no high ideas or understandings in his realm of understanding. I can remember several discussions on many topics where he'd make a statement and we'd all say, "What the hell did you just say?" Don't fool yourself into believing that the black community is behind him solidly either. Many of us are openly speaking out. Especially after the debate!

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  2. I like the fact that Obama is taking less public money.

    Additionally he had said that he would opt-in to public financing only if McCain did the same -- and McCain has opted out.

    Now, would you like to excuse McCain's violation of the Saddleback political forum rules with another dodge? How about Clinton's blowjob?

    This is why I will vote for a ham sandwich before I will vote for a Republican candidate.
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  3. Arnie


    Up until the last 10-15 minutes, the questions were nearly identical. Or are you now saying it didn't matter if McCain knew the questions Obama was asked? :confused:

    Point is, McCain answered a number of questions Obama wasn't because of Obamas long answers. And he did equally well on those questions.
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  4. The non-denial denial clinches it for me, but whether he knew the questions or not, McCain violated the forum rules.
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  5. Read my post again. I'm saying it does matter.

    And since McCain didn't correct the pastor when he was asked if the "cone" was comfortable, it is not that far a reach to consider the possibility that he may have heard the questions posed to Obama. Having had time to digest some of those questions in advance, if we are inclined to believe that possibility, afforded him the opportunity to prepare more succinct, if somewhat pat, answers. This, in turn, gave him more time for a few additional questions.

    At the very least, there is now the appearance of impropriety, irrespective of McCain's guilt or innocence in the affair.
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  6. When McCain did not deny that he was where he was supposed to be he lied.

    Of course they both lied big time when they said that they believed that Jesus died for their sins and that they were saved.

    Just a desperate pair of sons of bitches.
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    LOL, thanks. That quote says it all.

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  8. So after blathering on about mccain lying about the cone of silence, you tell us that you're glad obama lied about public financing. WHAT A SURPRISE! NOT!

    Then you tell us that maccain opted out of public financing.

    "McCain to accept public financing"-

    Got any more whoppers to tell us?
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  9. Actually three days ago the FEC just affirmed McCain's right to withdraw from the public financing system, just as long as he gets FEC approval. The Reagan appointed FEC appears to have little concern that he borrowed against public money in apparent violation of the McCain-Feingold financing law. (He may not have understood the law, given that he only helped write it.)

    You should keep up.

    Try Clinton's blowjob next. That's sure to exonerate McCain's violation of the rules.
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  10. McCain: "By the way in case you hadn't noticed it, the French, 80 percent, we love to imitate the French but 80 percent of their electricity is generated by nuclear power. If they can do it and reprocess we can do it my friends. And by the way if you hadn't noticed we know have a pro-American President of France which proves that if you live long enough anything can happen in America. (sic)

    Forum Interviewer: I had that question later on but we don't have to ask it.

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