McCain: Wars for Israel, Open Borders for Mexicans, Jobs for India, Debt for America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, May 23, 2008.

  1. LT701


    no, I'm not voting for Barrack yOmama

    but i dont see mccain offering anything i want
  2. LT701


    actually, it seems like you're usually the first, like you are here

    and i do kind of wonder why that is
  3. looks like somebody supports war for Israel - lol
  4. maxpi


    They don't respond to my threads either. Probably they all have me on ignore... in which case I can shout out a big F%^K Y^U to all those that have me on ignore... I'm tellin' ya, it's lonely at the top of the intellectual heap.. and it's very, very crowded at the bottom too..........

    There is no presidential candidate that can afford to not make his New World Order backers very happy. They want things, open borders, conflagration in the middle east, more power via socialism, etc... Ron Paul was against all of that and he could not even get on Fox News... that is the way it is LT, deal with it...... Personally, I could not vote for a Democrat after watching all the mind numbing, spirit murdering, boring, depressing, paint-the-war-hero-as-baby-killer news they have treated me to over 6 decades... I ignore them nowadays but the people that don't are always collaring me and telling me how depressing the world is ............ I woke up, I don't owe any of the poor on earth a fricking thing, not a red cent. If I want to give something, that's fine, I'll do it, having the government confiscate my hard earned money in the name of helping the poor is bullshit, there is no exit strategy for the war on poverty and there never will be.... and the "gay" thingy!! What is so overwhelmingly important about trying to ensure that a bunch of perverts have special rights?

    Basically, LT, my advice to you is to set your own agenda. Make a goal pyramid, draw a pyramid on a big sheet of paper, two dimensional... write in what you would like to see looking back from the end of your life, in the middle write the intermediary goals you have to reach to get to the top part, and the bottom of the pyramid is your everyday list of chores.. if you do those chores every day, then every day you are focusing your life's energies towards those goals at the top of the drawing and there is almost no way you can't progress a long way towards them if not all the way to the top..... I started that about... maybe it was 17 years ago and I am looking at completion of lots and lots of stuff on that pyramid, lots of it... it changed as I learned and grew over the years, I still have the original though... had I let any/everybody form up the bottom and middle of that pyramid I would be nowhere today, just nowhere... just know that all these morons that are letting some news outlets, professors, etc. fill up the bottom and middle of the pyramid for them are not even competition for you, you will be accelerating away from them steadily, so steadily that they won't even notice it when you are out of their universe entirely.....
  5. achilles28


    Oh yea. He's a real man of the people.
  6. Vista


    I don't care much for McCain, because of his liberal ways, but if he chooses Huckabee, and I think he will, I'll vote for him. Huckabee will continue to push, along with John Linder, the FairTax, which this country badly needs.

    Normally I would vote Libertarian, but I've become so disappointed in their lack of progress. Maybe Bob Barr can get things going.