McCain vs Obama: worst choice, ever

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. LT701


    kerry vs bush was almost as bad

    I'm not voting for either

    I vowed after McCain/Kennedy Amnesty, that I'd never vote for the guy

    Republicans can 'but this' and 'but that' all they want between now and November, I'm not voting for him
  2. yep, worst I've seen, and I've been voting since 1980.

    I'm voting McCain, but only cause OB scares me more.

    I don't like either, but also don't want to "waste" my vote.

    I guess I am really voting against OB, not for Mac.
  3. LT701


    it's kind of funny, democrats think they can tell ordinary moderate working people to go to hell with WTO, NAFTA, MFN-China, H-1b visas, illegal immigration and heavy handed political correctness

    but how many presidential elections have they won in 40 years?

    3 out of 10

    where they get their confidence and arrogance, i have no idea

    3 out of 11, coming up
  4. Worst choice ever would be one that included a choice of George Bush.
  5. LT701


    McCain is George Bush III

    He's actually worse than Bush

    Was Bush in 2000 known for Amnesty for illegals and chomping the bit for war?

    McCain looks much worse in 2008, than Bush did in 2000. All this stuff about integrity and fiscal responsibility is a bunch or CRAP

    the McCain Anmesty would have absolutely destroyed the budget

    and integrity? Keating 5?

  6. Considering the fact that twice as money dems voted in the primaries than did republicans, i think not.
  7. Totally disagree.

    Mac disagrees with Bush on more issues than he agrees with him. This McBush shit is what is crap. It is true that he doesn't want to lose the war, but if we did it his way in the first place, we may have been out of there already.

    Other than Iraq, he disagrees with Bush on damn near everything. Tax cuts? He was against them cause they included no spending cuts. This, imo, is his greatest strength. He wants cuts across the board, and is the biggest pork opponent in the senate. The only reason why he supports the tax cuts now is because to let them expire now is equal to a massive tax raise, and the US is bringing in plenty of revenue (a new record each year, its the spending that has to change).

    Overall, I don't like the guy for various reasons, but he is far superior to Bush, and quite different as well.

    Obama, on the the other hand, is just plain scary. At least with Bush, we knew what we were gonna get. Leave it to the Dems to put up even worse candidates. (they lost, so they were worse by definition).
  8. jem


    this is the opportunity of a life time for a third party candidate.

    I think Gore could run away with it.

    I would love to see

    Gore, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and others jump back in and brake the monopoly of these now jaded corrupted parties.
  9. LT701


    he's chomping the bit to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, and he pushed the mccain/kennedy amnesty

    2 giant potential disasters

    i couldnt care less what other things he disagrees with bush on

    on the things that really matter, he SUCKS