Mccain Vs. Hillbilly guarantees a Depression & New Deal v2.0

Discussion in 'Economics' started by chewbacca, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. let's face it.........everyone on the right hates mccain.....mann coulter went as far as to say she would campaing for hillbilly if mccain is the nominee.

    on the left.........most democrats as well as all of republicans hate billary..........that's why they are supporting a black man that has accomplished absolutely nothing thus far.

    a mccain v. hillary campain will GUARANTEE a depression..........and these two are huge government deficit spenders so mccain v. hillary will also guarantee New Deal v2.0........we will all be getting our national ID cards and microchipped very soon.........its all been ocheshtrated just like the WWF.
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    lay off the crack pipe for a few days buddy.
    you're sounding batshit clazy
    hey, i'm all for wearing the tinfoil caps, but sheesh thats eff'ed up
  3. I agree

  4. Good thing we still have Bush for now, huh?
  5. Yes..the globalist's have their new set of puppets ready for you to vote on..wont make a damn bit of difference who you pick, they are both compromised! :(
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    ~Monty Burns