McCain voters...were you ever tempted to drink the kool-aid?

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  1. Ok, big surprise, I voted McCain. There were major issues that i didnt agree with that Obama supported (like abortion, taxing the rich, redistribution of wealth). In fact, I dont think I found one thing I could agree on with what Obama wanted...But that all said, I have to say that there was this part of me that wanted to drink the Obama Kool-aid and pretend like the world was saved when he got voted in. Obviously my high intellegence wouldnt let me do that, but I do have to say, I really did want to be part of their little group and enjoy that "high" they got. Any other McCain supporters feel that? That even though you know the best guy didnt get voted in that you wanted to be part of the "obama experience"?

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic or insulting, but there was a part of me that just wanted to switch my brain off and join their club. What about you other mccain supporters?
  2. These were your better instincts calling no you to celebrate America's ability to renew itself (as it did with Reagan) and wipe out in a single night centuries or racial injustices....then your petty meek incompetent egoistical identity-politics receptive side called on you to "reason" back to "you're doing heck of job Bernie" Alberto Gonzalez inspired "enlightenment"...and you suddenly found yourself jerking off to the sweet sound of Sean Hannity.
  3. Okteri you nailed it. lmao.
  4. The 900 people at Jonestown in the 1970s celebrated that way too. They had black & white people together, there was no racial tensions between them and there was no racial injustices in their little "cult" ...didnt quite work out for them though did it. But hey...they were all VERY happy in their little cult. Too bad the price of that happiness was their own destruction.

    See any similarities?

    Now shut up all you obama voters...this question was directed at mccain voters. If i wanted your opinion i would've directed my question to your "dear leader"
  5. Most McCain voters can read.:D
  6. Sure everyone is tempted into buying a so called great thing. I was tempted to buy the book Cures the Drug Companies Don't want you to Know About. It might have been the most popular informerical ever. The most important factor is that before i made my purchase i did some research. My research concluded that the book was filled with cures that were not studied and proven much like Obama. Am I saying that the book had no legit cures? Of course not, but it did claim to have a surplus number of cures that simply were not proven.

    Oktiri raises the point that it was people's instincts to vote for Obama. Of course wanting something better is an instinct. The only problem is that instinctual decisions lack reasoning and concise judgment. Why was that book the number 1 best seller for months? It was the best seller because the author learned how to take advantage of people who make their decisions on intincts.

    A person unfamiliar with the election would say that i was claiming that more than half a country is naive about choosing a candidate. I would say that is spot on.

    My thesis and overall opinion is that Obama is largely unproven. He still has the ability of being a great president, an average president or a big mistake.

    The bottom line is you can only make a decision upon what you know. The only problem is the definition of knowing is hugely disoriented among large groups of people.
  7. Are you comparing Jonestown to the democratic party and Obama's presidency ?

    WOW. Simply WOW.
  8. Great answer :)
  9. I dont know...did you just say that because a half black man became president, it wiped out 100s of years of racial injustices? Like slavery? So the night before he was elected there were still racial injustices and then then next night, they were just gone....just like that? is that what YOU were saying?
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    I was/am opposed to YoMama more than I supported McCain. But no I was never tempted to drink the kool-aid. But then in the interest of full dis closer I'll admit I'm more of a beer guy anyway.
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