McCain voted 90% with Bush. So what can we expect in McCains' Presidency?

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  1. 16. The U.S. attorney scandals. In this case, seven U.S. attorneys -- Republicans -- were fired in 2006. The reasons for the dismissals remain unclear, but allegations were that they were made for partisan political purposes. Anyone who doubts that partisanship (see Monica Goodling) was a factor -- which, by the way, undermines the justice system of the United States -- has not been paying attention to the way George Bush operates. Investigations into the matter have been impeded, but it is without question that the scandal has eroded morale in the Justice Department.

    17. Stop loss. This U.S. military policy amounts to a back-door draft. While legal, it erodes morale, weakens the military and subjects soldiers to repeated danger and the possibility of physical and mental problems. Apparently, a weaker military is a policy of this administration, since it has overextended personnel and refused to provide adequate body armor to troops. In addition, Bush favored cutting funding for Veterans' Administration, denying crucial medical care to the troops that he sent to war.

    18. Alienation of U.S. allies.

    19. Cutting of food stamps. This could be an ideological difference, so many might argue it's not fair game in a list of Bush disasters. However, one aspect of the Bush prescription drug plan related to this issue can't be viewed as ideological: as reported by Salon, "More bad news about that prescription drug plan: Seniors who use it may lose their food stamps."

    20. "So?" Dick Cheneys' response to a question noting that the vast majority of Americans believe Iraq was a mistake and want the troops to come home.

    21. FISA/illegal wiretapping. Bush still claims that violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is okay because he's fighting the terrorists. But there's nothing in the law that prevented wiretapping; it allowed temporary wiretapping until warrants could be issued. That didn't matter to Bush; he'd rather violate the law when possible.

    22. 9/11. Bush and his administration ignored repeated warnings that a major terrorist act was pending on U.S. soil. Richard Clarke said he tried for months to have Bush and Condaleeza Rice make terrorism a priority, but they ignored him. Whether you believe Clarke or not, the fact is that there was a memo about bin Laden being determined to strike in the U.S., and Bush went on vacation to Crawford, Texas, shortly before the Twin Towers fell.

    23. Global warming. Bush now admits it's a problem, although Bush officials trashed science by redacting independent governmentally commissioned studies on the issue. But even though he says it's a problem he has no proposals to do anything about it in the near term.

    24. Health care. More children (9 million) are without health insurance today than when Bush took office. The nation is facing catastrophic health care costs for the next century; Bush has ignored the problem.

    25. Energy policy. The records of Dick Cheney's task force on energy are secret, so we don't know how much of the nation's energy policy was dictated by energy companies. But it is certain that it was a great deal; Bush's pattern in this area is the same as in others; i.e., put oil and gas officials in charge of energy policy; put pharmaceutical companies in charge of drug policy; let health industry lobbyists write health policy legislation. Gas prices have soared and record profits are now routine business for the oil companies; people think their taxes are lower under Bush, but they are paying more for gas, food and other basic necessities - and they are also paying more state and local taxes because of federal budget cuts.

    26. Immigration. For Bush or against him on this issue, it can hardly be argued that he has put forth a successful policy.

    27. The Pentagon information apparatus designed to praise George Bush's war by touting military officers -- paid by private contractors -- as objective observers. This was a deliberate attempt to lie to the American people through a compliant and incompetent mass media.

    28. Plants in press conferences. Jeff Gannon, a right-wing gay escort, was given press credentials and allowed to lob softball questions at Bush during White House news conferences.

    29. A weaker America -- we are weaker militarily, economically and on the world stage than the day George Bush took office. Some Republicans seem to fear Democrats because they say the Democrats want to destroy America. But it is hard to imagine a series of policies that have done more to hurt America than those forced upon us over the last seven years. Three-fourths of Americans know the country is on the wrong track, yet half of them support "more wrong track," as Bill Maher put it. This is because the Republicans are very good at distracting large numbers of people from the disasters that this administration has fostered. One method they use is that they claim that criticisms of policy, particularly war policy, amount to criticisms of America. I want to make it clear that this tactic won't work here. The above criticisms are not criticisms of America; they are criticisms of George W. Bush. It is because I love this country that this list was compiled. It was George Bush, not America, who brought us to this place.

    30. A divided America. After 9/11 Bush had that rare opportunity to unite the nation, and the world, to defeat terrorism. Instead of using this goodwill - instead of bringing us all together to fight a common enemy -- he squandered it. A generation has been lost to Bush's petty petulance and his unilateral, misguided use of executive power. One would think that most conservatives, and most Republicans, would worry about expanded executive power. But many of them haven't. One wonders how they will feel about it when a Democrat takes office.
  2. Now let's not forget McCain and his near dependence on lobbyists.

    ( gasp. how dare I state the obvious! The outrage! lol )

    And of course, who can forget the she-goat palin. She was for the bridge to no-where and then she was against it.

    So here's more on the Alaskan she-goat

    Palin's Ethics Scrapes May Undercut Pledge to End Old Politics

    Palin's office approved a state job for a friend and campaign aide with whom she shared a land investment, financial records and interviews over the past two weeks show. She hired a former lobbyist for a pipeline company to help oversee a multibillion-dollar deal with that same company.

    She named a police chief accused of harassment to head the state police. And she sent campaign e-mails on her city hall account while serving as mayor of Wasilla -- conduct for which she later turned in an oil commissioner on ethics charges.

    Ahhhhh....yes. We would not expect less from a neocon. The party of thieves, habitual liars and out right scoundrels.

    One only has to read the right-wing turd posters on ET to see why the neo-con party is garbage.

    It's because its voter base is garbage.
  3. Bush never votes. Are they saying 90% of the bills that reaches him. This a real funny statistic.

    The way the Senate is organized party line votes are very common.
    The debate is done in committee then all vote in favor on the floor.

    Even with that being the case, McCain has a terrible record of voting with the republicans.

    McCain is ranked 35th out of 49th in voting with the party.
    My guess except for lieberman all the democrats fall more then 90% voting together.


    are you saying that McCain does not share the views of Bush on roughly 90% of the issues up for voting in the US senate,
    and votes accordingly?

    ...or are you just trying some FUD tactics here?,_uncertainty_and_doubt

    Like to muddy things - murky it up a little, do you?

    Give me an estimate on how much you think McCain will differ from the current administration on the issues that are still continuing for the next US presidency, will you? As a trader you are probably somewhat familiar with forecasting and prediction...
    Let me see your probability and logical reasoning at work here... or do you have faith it won't happen, a gut feeling maybe?

  5. President McCain. President Obama.

    Only one of these sounds Presidential to me.

    It's obvious then. You can expect a real President with a brain and experience instead of a President with a big mouth and no experience.
  6. FortuneTeller,

    you sound a bit emotional...
    Do you read people's hands or look into their teacups?
  7. I forgot to mention that McCain would bring some balls to the White House. Even Sarah has bigger nuts than Obama. Obama wants to "talk" to Iran, ect., while Sarah would look at them like they were a moose and then shoot them. I bet Obama is afraid of guns. And his wife of course. Scared little silly man that he is.
  8. FortuneTeller,

    which is the first administration to start diplomatic talks and plan diplomatic representation in Iran after the break with them?

    I doubt John McCain can "get it up" nowadays. He will croak on a blue pill...
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