McCain vacations at KEATING'S HOME and he has the nerve to call the kettle black??!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. This guy is a total loser. I did respect this scumbag once but how the f-ck can he attack Obama when he was cavorting with one of the biggest CROOKS and low-lifes in history.

    What makes this particularly disgusting is here we are with another bigger crisis ala the Lincoln Savings S & L crisis which occurred on Bush's watch and he has the nerve to bring up a guy from back in the 1960s who was a Vietnam War protester and a member of Weathermen (who in my view was instrumental in ending that corrupt war?!)

    This is a total low point in politics. It just keeps getting more and more sick and class-less in this country when it comes to politicians. There are serious problems going on now and this total wipeout McCain brings up a total irrelevant issue about Obama knowing and spending time with Ayers in regards to a charity board.

    The saddest part is there are such low inellectually compromised people living in the USA today that they may not have the brain power to understand what a non-issue Ayers was AND what a serious issue Mccain's friendship with corrupt Keating really is! So serious that the Senate looked into his conduct with regards to Keating!
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    Never heard him call any kettles black; maybe you meant he was calling Obama black. Seems like a reasonable assertion to me.
  3. This is the least persuading thing i have ever read. I could write a more persuasive article about McCain and Keating and I am not even an Obama supporter. It's comical when liberals try to be persuasive.
  4. I have read a lot of your stuff on ET. Are you really as intelligent as you sound??


  5. That's because low-thinking geniusses like you don't think hypocrisy is an issue...! That is the issue. That is the persuasive argument. Otherwise Ayers is a NON-issue. Do you get it now brain?!


    And as far as I am concerned Keating is also passe'; but scumbag McBush brings up Ayers so it puts Keating back in play to show his hypocrisy... since he is so desperate to win at any costs that he will roll in the mud and drag the Country down with him like the slime-ball he has proven himself to be!

    The real problem is that ther are too many like you that don't care that much anymore about hypocrisy! Is that because part of the republican platform... is HYPOCRISY?! That's why Keating associating with McCain means nothing to republicans but a casual association with Ayers, who was a 1960s hero in my view... allegedly matters!
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    it's not a casual association, Obama started his political career in Bill Ayers Living room, they also had worked together for a couple of years in community organizations. It's more than just a casual association.