McCain Urges Republicans To Form Circular Firing Squad

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  1. No doubt rightfully upset that another Republican Senator was getting media time, John McCain unloaded on Rand Paul. McCain let Paul know that if there was any moral outrage to be displayed, he McCain would be the one displaying it.

    McCain's aide Lindsay Graham concurred, saying an american president had inherent power to execute anyone who annoyed him, using nuclear weapons if required.

    McCain later launched into a lengthy discourse about the "surge", and how his invention of the concept of using more troops had saved the Western World.

    OK, only kidding. The real thing is about as bad.

    Graham, McCain blast Paul filibuster

    Almost exactly 24 hours after Mr. Paul began his information-seeking filibuster against John O. Brennan, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to denounce his demands and say he was doing a “disservice” to the debate on drones.

    “The country needs more senators who care about liberty, but if Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. He needs to know what he’s talking about,” said Mr. McCain, Republicans’ presidential nominee in 2008 — who topped Mr. Paul’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul, in that year’s primary.

    And where Democrats praised Mr. Paul for using Senate rules properly to launch a filibuster, Mr. McCain said it was an abuse of rules that could hurt the GOP in the long run.

    “What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,” the Arizona Republican said.

    Mr. Paul said he was filibustering to get the administration to affirm it won’t kill non-combatant Americans in the U.S. — and his effort was joined by more than a dozen other senators who said they, too, supported his effort to get answers.

    Mr. Graham said asking whether the president has the power to kill Americans here at home is a ludicrous question.

    “I do not believe that question deserves an answer,” Mr. Graham said.

    Mr. Graham and Mr. McCain led a Republican delegation that held a private dinner with President Obama on Wednesday, as Mr. Paul was holding the floor with help from other GOP colleagues.

    Mr. McCain even joked about Mr. Graham’s “behavior” at the dinner.

    “He was on his best manners and everyone was impressed,” Mr. McCain said.

    Speaking to reporters after he came off the floor Wednesday, Mr. Graham said he defends Mr. Paul’s right to ask questions and seek answers, but said the filibuster has actually pushed him to now support Mr. Brennan.

    Mr. Graham said he had been inclined to oppose the nomination because he’d found Brennan to be qualified for the job but also “arrogant, kind of a bit shifty.” He said he wasn’t going to filibuster him but would have voted against him on final passage, but now he’ll vote for him.

    “I am going to vote for Brennan now because it’s become a referendum on the drone program,” he said.

    Mr. Graham, a South Carolina Republican who is up for re-election next year and could face a primary challenge in the deeply conservative state, also fired back against anyone who would question his decision to meet with Mr. Obama.

    “If I can’t go have dinner with the president of the United States to talk about the problems that face our nation, I shouldn’t be running,” Mr. Graham said. “If you want to elect me and for me to promise you I’ll never talk to any Democrats or to the president about solving our problems, you’re voting for the wrong guy

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  2. pspr


    LOL Yes, that's about it. The freshman upstart Senator stole the show from the old dogs who were meeting with the President over the surrender terms of the Republican Party.

    How dare Rand Paul resort to grueling historical Senate tactics to draw attention to an important national issue and actually bring some Senators together from both parties to support his tenacity. This was especially troubling to have occurred while McCain and Graham were in the middle of surrender negotiations and enjoying a dinner that included Moulard Duck Breast, Roasted Striped Bass and Colorado Lamb Acai on the menu.
  3. ?
  4. Makes you wonder whose side McCain and Graham are really on?
    It is becoming abundantly clear that a good house -cleaning is overdue for both the Democrat and Republican sides.
  5. Lucrum


    I've been calling for a clean sweep of congress for years. Plus term limits so we don't have to keep doing it.

    I don't see it happening though. Too many parasites being bribed with entitlements paid for by our tax dollars to effect any change at the polls.

    We're fucked. That is...unless you//me/we are ready to start shooting.
  6. Remember DHS has 1.6 billion bullets to shoot back LOL !!!
  7. jem


    I think term limits would be better than allowing these dirtballs to be corrupted by lobbyists and campaign bribes.

    Its seems very few republicans are willing to represent the hardworking tax payers who want smaller govt and lower taxes.

    We keep hearing the lip service but most of the Republican dirtballs are really big govt crony loving pretenders.

    Clean em out on both sides.

    We need new smart people in there.

  8. I don't think the country is too concerned with the "boy scouts" in DHS.
  9. fan27


    This quote from McLame really annoys me. So essentially he is comparing those who agree with Paul's "stunt" to impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. Time for these old farts to be sent to the glue factory!
  10. I thought myself it was a very patronizing line. It's ironic since McCain is one of these RINOS always lecturing us about the need to have a "big tent" that appeals to a more diverse voter pool.
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