McCain threatens to whip a black man

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  1. October 13, 2008
    In stunning move, McCain vows to whip a black man
    Pandering to the south?

    At the start of what many see as a crucial week for John McCain, the republican made a stunning move and promised that this coming wednesday he will whip a black man.

    "After I whip his you-know-what, we're going to be going out 24/7," McCain said, referring to Barack Obama, an African-American candidate.

    McCain decided not to spell out what part of Obama's body he would whip (his back and hind-thighs), since so many Americans have seen the television mini-series Roots and know how this kind of thing usually works.

    The whipping will take place at this Wednesday's debate, according to McCain, though he did not specify how many lashes, nor did he offer any of the new economic proposals which earlier in the weekend he had said would be forthcoming. Instead, the McCain camp decided to focus on the "promise to whip a black man in front of television cameras" strategy. How this will play out we can only wait and see.
  2. lol.

    Today is a good day to read and write politics. Somewhere in Congress, a politician is getting ready to "make me an offer I can't refuse".
  3. Come on ZZZ. we all know what Mccain meant. Barack is black, big deal. Mac shouldnt have to tip toe around any words that have even the slightest ties to the oppression of slavery. He meant whip in the normal sense.
  4. Okay, so imagine we have a political campaign where we have a American born Muslim running against a white Christian, and the Muslim says that in the debate about his opponent that he is going to "cut his head off."

    How's that sound?

  5. Well "cut off his head" would be strange indeed because we don't use that saying every day. For example, "I'm gonna whip you in basket ball" is pretty normal. "Im going to cut off your head" isnt used every day and would cause some controversy.
  6. You don't hear "I'm going to rip his head off" or "I am going to take his head off"?

    Trust me, people do use the term "cut your head off"....and they are not Muslims.


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    References to inbred, stupid Southern whites dose little to raise your ire. Yet you take note if the fact is stated that blacks (20% of Kerry's votes) are America's most prolific, cunning, and accomplished liars.

    As far as the personal attacks. Don't tempt me. I'll cut your mother fucking head off. Try me loser.

  7. I heard it this morning on CNN as I turned on the tube.

    He said, "After I wip his ......" , in a demeaning way and paused without finishing the sentence. Very unprofessional but probably appealed to the rednecks who are the majority of his supporters now.

  8. lol well from my experience, "cut your head off" isn't a typical phrase. If I or people I know used it, it would be strange.
  9. This is community speak on a regular basis Zzzzzzzzz. I wouldn't be too concerned. You gotta' relax champ. It happens to be a sorta' regular phrase when we play ball. We do usually, "whip dat azz!" all over the court. I hope that usage doesn't make me a redneck. :)
  10. So an old white man running for president comes in not playing hoops and says he is going to "whip your ass" doesn't disturb you...

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