McCain surging in Intrade +25 points in 20 min

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. McCain 76
    Obama 24

    probably a scandal is about to explode (you're about to get diarrhea ).
  2. Is that for real?
  3. Obama 88.6

    Mccain 11.5
  4. oktiri, what are you smoking?
  5. Geez people,
  6. Funny how everyone actually took the scandal joke seriously. Hmm maybe liberals don't entirely think Obama is innocent.
  7. I've never attached the descriptor 'innocent' to ANY politician.
  8. Holding a McCain on Intrade is like holding a dotm call, and expiration is in two days.

    Watch that theta bleed.