McCain Sued by a Grandmother

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  1. "A Kansas City grandmother is suing John McCain and Sarah Palin for promoting hate speech. Mary Kay Green told KSHB that some statements at McCain campaign rallies terrify her as much as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    "I know the secret service is on this case, but John McCain and Sarah Palin can stop some of this by a statement that they abhor these death threats and will not tolerate them," said Green"

  2. The 66-year-old civil attorney, a lifelong Democrat, claims in the suit that the McCain campaign has intentionally and recklessly portrayed Barack Obama as a terrorist......yawn

    Ms. Green will suffer the same fate as the elite media folks when the Nation of Pabst frees America......
  3. Well did you expect a "lifelong Republican" to file the suit?

  4. Lol, of course not. I wouldn't expect too many life long Republicans to be

    1. Parasitic lawyers

    2. Needlessly litigious

    3. Cunts

    Gotta love that Democratic ticket. Just what America needs best, two lawyers running things........
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    Now THAT would have been news:D
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    Just an FYI, the Secret Service says that Obama is full of shit, that there have not been death threats towards him at any Palin or McCain event.
  7. Ah, a fascist. Good to know...
  8. No Brandon, that's not what the Secret Service said. They did drop the investigation because they couldn't be sure who the death threat was addressed to, and the Republican crowds have been uncooperative.
  9. I heard the same thing Brandon. Too funny that the descendants of those who chanted "Crucify Him" because He dissuaded against changing money in temples- the same who now "change money" on the people's airwaves-are the one's accusing Palin of facilitating " dangerous hate speech" aimed at a Messiah......
  10. 100%.

    Democracy is the privilege of the enlightened. America needs to grant someone like Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul absolute power......
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