McCain Sells His Soul To Seek A Win

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. John McCain you have become an embarrassment to those of us that once thought you were a good decent man. Now everything that I believed about you that was positive is gone. You keep digging up dirt, your telling half truths and down right lies to try and win the Presidential election. You are disgracing us as a country and your campaign is bringing the worse out of you and many of your followers. Your pick of Sara Palin was a political stunt that backfired in your face.

    Now you are calling Obama a socialist. If Obama was a socialist why would Warren Buffet back his campaign? You are also calling him un-American which tells us more about you than Obama. You are trying to tie a few lazy people that faked some voter registration on Obama. What is next, are you going to blame your divorce of your first wife on Obama too? This is getting ridiculous and too ignorant to bear. There are too many good Americans backing Obama for you to be calling him un-American. Now that a great man like Colin Powell is backing him you are really ticked off. Why don’t you buy another house in Wasilla so you and Caribou Barbie can play politics on a field you are qualified? You’re not only a loser you are a sore loser and that is how history will judge you.

    (from an online blog)
  2. I agree,Mccain is a real piece of shit.His name and legacy is gone.He will forever be remembered for this campaign
  3. Keep selling McCain - nobody's buying other than the lowest uneducated and bigoted loser-voter like Joe the non-plumber !