McCain - Romney?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader5287, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Drudge is leading with a photo of McCain and Bible Boy this morning.

    McCain wouldn't pick the one guy Americans hate more than Hillary, would he? :p

    He just might - all the candidates are rushing to shore up their weaknesses on finance.
  2. Only poor and stupid don't like Romney as a manager of a country. The reason why he wasn't nominated is the ratio of stupid poor and well off and rational is not in his favor.
  3. I'm smart and rich and I hate the little asslicker. :D
  4. Say what you want about Romney. He has been an absolute stud in everything he has done.

    - Bain Capital founder
    - Fixed a completely corrupt and bankrupt winter Olympics
    - Elected republican Gov to the most liberal state government there is.

    This guy gets shit done, and he is a whiz at biz. If Mac wins, I'd love to see him lean on Romney for economic help. I don't think the VP determines who gets elected anyway.

    I doubt he picks Romney though. Other than the fact he hates the guy (yeah, its happened before with Reagan, etc), I believe Mac wants to shore up the south, or get someone far west. Oregon, Nevada, and maybe even Cal will be in play. The republicans do believe the VP matters in the election.
  5. Although I agree with most of what you said, I should point out that there have been more Republican Governors in MA since the war, than Democrats, and the previous 3 Governors before Romney were Republican.

    PS, and the fact that a Democratic Governor was immediately elected in a landslide after Romney, and 4 consecutive Republican Governors, may be a bit more telling than the fact that he was elected Governor.
  6. I don't really undestand the dislike of Romney, except that it is based on envy. He has aced everything he ever did, including marriage and raising a family.

    He would make an outstanding VP for McCain and would shore up McCain's more obvious shortcomings. I don't expect it to happen though, as McCain seems to despise him. Probably it will depend on polling ultimately. If Romney can deliver Mass or Michigan , he's in. Otherwise, probably not. McCain needs to carry at least one and probably two states out of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, NJ or Mass.
  7. That I did not know. Why is it that with a state that loves Kennedy, and always votes democrat, does it choose republican governors so often?