McCain Picks Sarah Palin for VP

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  1. WOW WOW WOW. She's definitely an "interesting" choice.. at least he has good taste in women. Very surprising pick!!!
  2. Youth, gender and a softer image and she can wipe his chin when he dribbles. Averaging down.
  3. Great choice. Expect total media blackout.
  4. She would be the first VP contender to be on the cover of Vogue I think!!! Historic choice for McCain :D.

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  5. Say hello to President Obama. McCain just gave it away.
  6. TGregg


    I dunno. She's another "maverick" according to the admittedly biased press. But the examples they cite (so far) show her to be a maverick in the good sense - exposing fraud and unethical bevhavior in her own party. If she really is a maverick (meaning in favor of "archaic" ideas like limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and property rights), she'd be an awesome choice. And boy will the MSM rip her apart. But they'd be very reluctant to put such a label as maverick on a true conservative. They'd prefer "Old School", "throwback" or "stick in the mud".

    But we'll soon see. It'll be really easy to tell how conservative she is based solely on the MSM response.
  7. Bullshit.

    It's over, Hello President McCain.

    Barrack who?
  8. McCain wins, all those "disenfranchised" Hillary voters now vote for McCain.

    Obama, over and out.
  9. Ha ha. We'll see... I'm doubling down on Obama over at Intrade. I hope McCain does get a bounce from this and the RNC so I can buy Obama in the mid-50's. This pick helped me out immensely in my short Romney and Pawlenty picks. McCain is a bat shit crazy gambler. I love it!
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