McCain NO Longer a Maverick

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  1. NEW CANAAN, Conn. — The first ballot has yet to be tallied, but some Republicans are already hammering nails into the McCain-Palin campaign’s coffin.

    Locked in a tight congressional race, Rep. Chris Shays of Connecticut’s 4th district is the latest in a slew of Republican incumbents, including Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, to concede a near-certain victory to the Obama camp.

    “I just don’t see how [McCain] can win,” Shays said in an interview here on Sunday.

    Shays, the Connecticut co-chair of McCain’s campaign, said he was disappointed by the standards of McCain’s race, which has increasingly relied on mudslinging.

    “He has lost his brand as a maverick; he did not live up to his pledge to fight a clean campaign,” Shays said.

    The rats are saying bu bye.

  2. Officially demoted from "Maverick" to "Goose" -- will hit canopy on next ejection.
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    I just heard that McCain is running robocalls in Arizona.

    Robocalls ... in his freakin' HOME STATE !!

  4. Well good luck to him. If the year is 2004 he's won by a wide margin.
  5. I had this idea that the Republican brain trust would be smarter than the right-wing whack-jobs we see on here who apparently didn't have the ability to make constructive, realistic suggestions about what McCain could have done, defaulting instead into

    1. Obama is a Marxist!!

    2. Obama is a Terrorist!!!

    3. McCain is going to win!!!!

    4. Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!!

    5. He said 'Spread the Wealth'!!!!!!!

    6. The 'nig' has no experience!!!!!!!!

    7. Rezko!!!!!!!!

    I will be here laughing my fucking ass off next Tuesday as Obama wins and the racist right on here start puking up their dinners. This is not directed at the moderate right who aren't racists and have what are, in my view, legitimate concerns about Obama. This is strictly for the lunatic fringe.
  6. Oh Nik go fuck yourself. In your book anyone who isn't voting for Obama and isn't enthralled with American blacks is voting based on race. Bullshit For starters he's only half black. For a few years his race was considered a liability in the black community. He ran for Congress in 2000 against another black in an all black district and only received a third of the vote.

    Meanwhile you live in a country that fights tooth and nail to keep blacks out while allowing every Asian under the sun in. I bet a good number of the Canadians posting on this forum are Asian. The funny thing is you wouldn't catch very many judgmental Canadians living in Detroit or Atlanta if their lives depended on it. I CAN'T STAND most blacks and Obama's race isn't even 1 millionth of one percent a factor in my decision. If McCain woke up black to-morrow and Obama whiter my vote would be the same then as today. Unlike Canada and Europe, America is a place where white people live with blacks, go to school with blacks, get arrested by black cops, appear in front of black judges, go to black doctors, lionize black athletes and yes too often get robbed and shot by blacks. Are American's color blind. Not even close. Are we color desensitized? To the max.

  7. Umm...huh???
    Bizarre, that was in the post you were responding to.

    You mentioned that you have an IQ of 141, right Pabst? That puts you at the near-genius level (Google search is easy, no?). I always had this feeling that very high IQ leads to excellent command of spoken and written language. It seems, though, that your reading comprehension is on the fritz tonight. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you and your ilk are just really, really distressed that you're going to get your asses kicked in this campaign.
    Come up to Toronto sometime and walk the streets, Adolph. You're talking out your ass (again). There are tons of black people here in the downtown core.

    You hate almost all blacks? Yes, okay. What about Jews? Yep, you hate them too. No surprise there, given your whole Hitler-got-a-bad-rap thing. You're German as well, right? Say no more, right? (get it? Get it Pabst??).

    Who else do you hate because of their skin color or their ethnicity?
  8. Nik you can try the I'm smug-Pabst is Hitler shtick all you'd like but the 30 people who uniquely view this thread will all think the same thing, "Pabst is deranged but authentic, Nik's just a dildo."

    I've walked the mean streets of Toronto a handful of times Nik and sorry I don't see many black faces. OTH 39% of Chicagoans are black. More blacks live within a several mile radius of me than live in all of Canada and Australia combined. American's follow team sports with leagues that range from 55% to 90% black. Your national sport has a league with quite a few American teams participating. The NHL doesn't have a single black player. I think only 3 or 4 in it's history. So don't give me your equivalency crap. It would be like me saying to a Jewish settler in the West Bank, "I don't know how anyone could not like Arabs, the Syrian I buy my newspaper and coffee from each morning is a prince."

    We have a major philosophical disagreement. Your not into prejudging based on statistical evidence but I am. I use mechanisms to protect my life, you don't. Am I an asshole to other people? Not at all. If you asked a random black guy in Chicago about me he'd probably say, "Pabst? Cracker mother fucka. But yo he been round here a long time and he treat folks right. Cept fer round election time when he tryin' to get us to pass shit out for one of those mo fuckin republicans." I emphasize with blacks. I even enjoy much of their culture. I'm immersed in it. Not for one second though do I ignore that any one of these blacks couldn't jack me out of no where. I'm ALWAYS cognizant of it. There's a big difference living in some gentrified yuppie neighborhood on the edge than living inside an entirely diverse street scape. Bottom line: I pretty much can do or think whatever I want and if others don't like it they can fuck themselves. I've had 150,000 people vote against me in an election and you know what's great? While fucking around all day on ET, watching CNBC, feeding my face with doughnuts and walking to the beach I made more on 8 ES r/t's than 149,990 of those folks. The last thing I care about is if I'm popular.....

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    you have to remember, only around 13% black population in U.S. and mostly clumped

    people want you believe its half, for political gains
  10. I see. So your genuine Nazi-racist creed inspires more admiration from the 30 guys viewing this than my (what, faked?) Anti-Nazi anti-racist creed? The fact that I say your almost comical generalizations are racist makes me a dildo?

    You know, I can take hearing you say that you hate black people, that you hate Jews, that Hitler was a personal hero and that you figure he got a bad rap, and all the rest of it. I know there are people like you out there, I just don't get a chance to talk to them very often (never, before the internet).

    But now you're trying to school me about hockey?

    You just stuck your foot in your mouth in a big way. I wish I could tell you how big-time you just stepped in it

    : )

    Seriously Pabst... I will turn your claim in the first sentence of the post above around on you. I actually have more respect for spect8or, in the sense that he doesn't feel the need to sort of half-ass pretend that he isn't what he is, then once in while blow up and deliver himself of an unadulterated hate-filled post which names racial/ethnic groups that he hates. That's what really bugs me about you - it's not your absurd prejudices and pseudo-professional historian rants. It's the fact that you seem to want people to treat you like you're a saint. (IQ of 141, right? I strongly suggest you don't bring that one up again. Seriously).

    So I've lived in this town for 25 years but you know more about it (and hockey) than I do?

    And so on.....
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