McCain makes history.......

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. by ensuring Obama becomes the first black President in the United states.

    Earlier today, a senile McCain announced a hot young milf from Alaska as his running mate.

    Figuring Dems are still dissatisfied with how Clinton was treated, mentally ill McCain figures Dems want a woman so bad in the white house that they will overlook the following:

    Palin is fiercely pro-life.

    Is a staunch supporter for big oil and wants to drill the crap out of Anwar.

    One term Governor.... least experienced of the whole lot.

    Is far far to the right of McCain in every issue.

    Basicly McCain shots himself in the foot, for now he cant go after Obama on experience..... his only valid arguement.... now *poof* gone.

    Thanks McCain... I was worried for a minute that you could some how pull off the election..... not anymore.

    (By the way.... your speech that Palin is somehow the better choice over Romney and others.... is priceless.)
  2. Never let it be said that McCain thinks things out and makes a decision with the big head over the little head. She's a hottie.
  3. nothing but the best for McCain... heres a pic of Palin.... nude? Wasilla 1984.jpg

    Finally, FINALLY, we have a Presidential canidate who is for the horny high school boys!!
  4. I hope she gets to be President. Know how strong the dollar will be with that picture on it?????
  5. You couldn't be more wrong lilduckling. McCain is a lock to win.

    I guarantee it. Obama has no chance.

    McCain is a lock to win.