McCain looks nervous tonight

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  1. Not good for the market if he slips up too much and doesn't get his points across clearly. He needs to find that fighting spirit and get over the uncomfort.

    Obama cannot "win" this debate in the market's eyes. If you believe different let me know how Obama's policies will help the market going forward.
  2. clacy


    He should. He's the only Republican candidate that could have lost to Obama and it looks like thats exactly what will happen.

    Romney, Huckabee, Thomson or Guliani would be trouncing this guy right now because they can actually communicate and articulate their ideas.
  3. Guliani is a tool, everyone hates'em.

    He definitely could not have won anything, or else he would have.
  4. Arnie


    Jesus, its over for John.

    Hows does someone serve 20+ years in the Senate and look like that in debate.
  5. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    McCain has too much makeup on his face or not enough on his hands. He just looks weird with these contrasts thanks to HD. I think he is holding his own but that won’t be enough.
  6. He has gotten better as the debate has gone on with his wording and expressions.
  7. clacy


    He needs to do more than hold his own. Although I think these debates are a little overrated.

    The fact is, his campaign has been weak in all phases.
  8. Vote 3rd Party
  9. Yeah, right. Nearly all competent statistical research on US presidential elections has found virtually zero individual candidate effect. See Gelman, et al.
  10. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    No point till we get rid of the electoral college and each vote matters.
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