McCain leads in Ohio, Rasmussen says

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  1. (Obama needs Ohio or Florida and Pennsylvania is not a given. Would Obama pick Hillary as V.P. to help him in these states where he is weak?)

    McCain leads in Ohio, Rasmussen says

    Tuesday July 22 2008, 3:29pm

    Gov. Ted Strickland remains popular in Ohio and the state seems to be trending Democratic, so Barack Obama is leading Ohio. Right?


    Rasmussen Reports said today that a telephone survey shows McCain ahead of Obama, 46 percent to 40 percent. Rasmussen calls this a “modest lead” and obviously it’s very early, so take these numbers with a large amount of salt.

    Here’s another statistic from the telephone poll: 51 percent think journalists are trying to help Obama win. Just 21 percent think reporters are trying to be neutral, while 13 believe the press is trying to help McCain.

    Read the full report to see how Ohioans feel about offshore oil drilling, the war on terror and other topics.
  2. I'd take this with a BIG grain of salt, as I would any of the polls in July. Remember, Clinton was in dead last in July first time around (Perot was leading), and Dukkakis was leading in July.

    That said, I bet Ohio is the hardest fought state this time around as its a toss up depending on the poll, and both need it, especially Obama. He will take PA, but may lose MI. He has no chance in FL. The Cuban Hispanics hate him, and lots of old people there. Haven't seen a single poll showing him ahead in Florida. Obama also polls higher than actual results by about 5% if the primaries are any indication.

    I don't think he will pick Hillary unless he was behind in national polls, and maybe not even then. He despises her, and she'd meddle in everything along with Bill. You can bet Hillary will promote Obama with vigor, but on election night will be at home with Bill rooting for Mac!
  3. McCain finally got shrewd this week.
    While obama, Katie and the gang are in the middle east, McCain gets Novak to print a story about a VP announcement this week.

    At least it starts getting him back on the news.