McCain Is Not Fit For Office

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jamis359, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. The more McCain talks the more I'm convinced he is a state of mental decline due to aging. He rarely says anything of substance and seems to have trouble stringing together coherent thoughts. He's very good with clever little media sound bytes and weasel words, but still, his mental faculties are a concern. He seems to forget yesterday's statements and positions, which leads to gaffes and flipflops. Tax / don't tax Social Security, the Iraq-Pakistan border, the instant flipflop on the 16-month timetable ... he even said the President of Germany is Putin! If he's this bad now I don't see how he can function four years from now.

    I'll take Obama over this doddering fool.
  2. I have to agree. First lesson for the few remaining Republicans: infinite tax cuts are not possible, bills come due.

    Second lesson, it's important to have a president who knows where countries are, what borders on what, what the difference is between sectarian groups, how to use a computer, and what his own positions are.
  3. McCain seemingly has no interest in economic policy, which is exactly what we don't need right now.

    He outright admitted he has very little knowledge of economic matters.

    I wish the GOP could field a competent candidate.
  4. McCain is clearly showing the early symptoms of Alzheimers
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  6. At least McCain is honest.

    Does Obama know anything about the economy?

    I've known hundreds of Chicago lawyers. Politics is their thing NOT market economies.

    But then again you guy's don't really know anything about Obama either, do you?
  7. Have you ever noticed that each election Republican followers are convinced that the Democrat doesn't just have a difference of opinion, but is outright dishonest?

    He's already appointed Jason Furman as his economic policy advisor -- here's a bit about Furman: "He is a Visiting Scholar at New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He has been a visiting lecturer at Columbia and Yale Universities. In addition, he served as a Staff Economist at the Council of Economic Advisers, Senior Economic Adviser to the Chief Economist of the World Bank. Dr. Furman has conducted research and policy work on issues that include taxes, health care and Social Security."

    By comparison, McCain appointed Phil Gramm (!) who has already had to step down.

    Here's Obama's policy blueprint, it's 60 pages and in many areas goes into detail.

    I read McCain's four paragraph summaries on his website. There is absolutely no comparison.
  8. It's just like any other election. They give one party a really lame-ass candidate, so that they can make it easier to put their man in w/o having to resort to election fraud. Mondale, Dukakis, Dole, and they made Gore act duller than he really was. No need to mention Kerry. I'll tell you what though, I think they've picked the lamest one in a few decades this time. There's not a chance in hell Obama will lose. Our election will definitely look legitimate this time.
  9. Have you seen the polls? They are dead even now. Obama should be up by 20 or more points given the extreme dislike for the Republicans now.

    I bet Obama actually loses to Mac, who I also believe is teetering on senility! Obama is probably the only candidate that could lose to Mac in this election. The dems have great skill at picking the one guy that can lose.
  10. If he was white, maybe. But the guy isn't white. There's going to be a voting penalty there as some just won't vote for a black guy.
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