McCain is a lock to win the Presidency!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ghostzapper, Aug 29, 2008.

Is McCain a lock to be president?

  1. Yes, no way the electoral majority elects obama

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  2. i think obama will win

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  1. I've been buying up all the 40ish trades on intrade.

    I'm 100% sure McCain will win the presidency.

    And besides being happy when he's elected, I will also make a bundle.
  2. please vote!
  3. totti100


    obama will win dummy,


    btw, canada is next door
  4. I'm with ghost, I think Mac will win, but mainly just cause i can't imagine BO in the role.

    the real test will to see the polls after the republican convention. BO should be MUCH further ahead than he is. That can't be good.

    For the record, i don't like either one of them. Kinda like this Sarah Palin however. A hot chick that hunts bear! Never seen that before.
  5. the results of this poll show McCain will win. Guaranteed.