McCain has a serious problem - just watch

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  1. Vicki Iseman.

    He's now gone on record and denied any romantic affair with her.

    It would have been bad enough on simple 'infidelity' grounds. But that may have been containable.

    But she was a lobbyist, so there are serious ethical considerations involved, now.

    If he's lying, which, given my cynical nature, I believe is very possible, he can kiss an essential base of the GOP goodbye, even if he makes it to the general election.

    He can also kiss a good % of independent voters, the pièce de résistance, goodbye, too.
  2. What about the cab driver who says he had gay sex with obama? While it may gain him liberal votes, it prob loses independents.

    Just my take.

    no link, just google it if you're interested
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    McCain's an honst man

    Charles Keating can vouch for him
  4. he's taking a lie detector test tuesday the 26th.
  5. "McCain's an honst man

    Charles Keating can vouch for him"

    The dems are saving that one for now. lol :D
  6. The mainstream media has to walk a tighrope on this one. Don't forget, they spent years lecturing us that it was completely understandable and acceptable for a politician to lie about sex, at least so long as he was a liberal democrat. No doubt that is one reason the NYT article focuses on her being a "lobbyist" and spent most of the article rehashing the Keating 5 affair.
  7. How about some references AAA.
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    more importantly, the mainsteam media just ran a huge 'rehabilitation campaign' on mccain, telling conservatives that conservatives are no longer sore about the mccain amnesty

    mccain vs hillary is the ideal global socialist lock on november
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    I'm gonna LMAO as the MSM rips McCain a new one in the general election cycle. McCain's gonna be holding all his famous rage & anger in for months - then he'll pop and what a show that will be. If he doesn't keel over from a stroke first, that is.

    He's been the media darling for a decade or more, but now they are turning on him like he's more extreme than Rush Limbaugh. And McCain's just not used to that sort of treatment, uh uh.
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    It doesn't matter whether the story is true or not. Politics in the USA isn't about reality. It's about perception. Nobody understands this concept better than the New York Times.

    So now what? The best thing McCain can do is step down and allow Huckabee to be the nominee. McCain's chances of winning in November were scant before this came out. Now he doesn't stand a chance.

    All together now: HUCK-A-BEE HUCK-A-BEE HUCK-A-BEE!
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