McCain does not sound like someone who cares for our troops

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Against rewarding our soliders and providing an expanded GI Bill.

    I hate fake patriots. people who talk big and wave the flag and then turn around and shit on our hard working soldiers who sacrifice thier lives to protect us.
  2. As I recall, he has a long record for doing that. I guess he doesn't want to deprive the rich or the oil companies.
  3. I just have a real problem of him voting against that. Why deprive our soldiers of an opportunity to go to college on the GI bill. That to me is un-American.

    We should expand the GI bill, they deserve it for risking their lives to protect our freedoms. To think that anyone would vote against it bothers me. Especially McCain out of all people.
  4. Don't be ridiculous. His reasoning was simple. He wanted more for the guys who stayed in longer. He wanted a system to more reward guys who reupped.

    when I was in, I should have been promoted, but I wanted to go to college.. They gave the promotion to a guy under me who reupped.

    Doesn't that make sense??? How could you be so silly. The guy got the shit kicked out of him for five and a half years. He was an officer. You think he 'd do harm to service men and women?
  5. Nor does Palin according to this study of the Alaska National Guard:

    In what will no doubt be spun off as a partisan attack, a study of the Palin led Alaskan National Guard paints a poor picture of her leadership ability:

    " Despite the dedicated and relentless work of the Alaska National Guard-led Family Support Programs, the Alaska Vet Centers, local Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), municipal officials, social service providers such as the Food Bank of Alaska, and leaders of community-based efforts, VFA’s findings indicate that the post-deployment needs of Alaska National Guard members and their families remain largely unmet.

    In addition, as a result of inadequate leadership from the Governor of Alaska, among others, the Alaska National Guard has an inadequate understanding of the full range of post-combat issues facing those who have served abroad from the Alaska Guard in recent years, as well as their family members who have been left to deal with the toll of unexpected – at times, repeated – deployments.

    The Alaska National Guard, which was originally designed primarily as a defense force against threats to Alaska, was deployed without programs and systems in place to care adequately for postdeployment needs. The United States should not continue to deploy the Alaska National Guard until this situation is remedied."

    The study began OVER a year ago.