McCain - Does he have the right stuff?

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  2. Obama has shown why he will be a better President than McCain. When offshore drilling was a hot topic, Obama said he would be willing to soften his position against drilling as long as it is part of a comprehensive energy plan. That's what a good President does -- crafts real-world compromises that gets things accomplished.

    And no, Obama did not flip-flop on drilling. A flip-flop is a complete reversal of position (McCain has a long list of those). A small concession in the interest of a consensus agreement is not a flip-flop.
  3. Charles keating thinks McCain has the right stuff all right. Read all about it on wikopedia.
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    Facts in the commentary speak for themselves.
  5. 1. Eavesdropping suits.

    2. Jerusalem.

    3. Guns.

    4. Drilling

    5. Iraq "timeline."

    6. NAFTA.

    Your boy's done a lot of compromise "crafting" in the past 60 days. Why? Because he's full of shit.