McCain Can't Debate

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  1. McCain Can't Debate.
  2. Mccain did very well against his fellow republicans during the primaries.Stop denying the obvious and blaming it on McCain's debating skills which held up very well against Romney,thompson,rudy,huck etc.Obama is a very talented individual
  3. I disagree and think McCain won with the majority of conservative's because of the surge.
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    So when are our taxes going to go up, in 2010 or 2011?
  5. Janurary 21, 2009
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    Ok, yes Obama will win but doesn't he have to at least wait for the Bush tax cuts to expire at the end of 2010?
  7. huh


    I think McCain smoked Obama in this debate. I guess save the best for last.:mad:
  8. What did you smoke? :)
  9. Mccain smoked alright,smoked in anger and confusion.He didn't smoke Obama however

    Mccain seemed so angry and confused that i thought smoke was about to start coming from his ears
  10. Mvic


    I think that you are doing all the smoking :)

    McCain did improve toward the end of the debate but he was all over the place and still not able to talk coherently, and his people need to tell him not to jump around like a jack in the box like he did at the end of the debate! Mitt Romeny, Guliani, even Hucka huccka, huckabee would have been better. Obama is going to cost me so much money and I am very concerned about the effect of his policies on the economy but how can anyone who isn't going to take the tax hit and doesn't know anything about economics vote for McCain? He just hasn't done a good job of selling himself or his policies, this was his shot to get his view across unfiltered by the media and he blew it.
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